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Building Healthy Connections in Relationships: A Series of 5 Meet-ups
Building Healthy Connections in Relationships: A Series of 5 Meet-ups This first meet-up in the series will focus on Understanding How We Connect. We are going to use John Gottman's book The Relationship Cure as a guide. During this first Meet-up, we'll focus only on Chapter 1. We'll explore these questions: -What is a bid for connection? -How do we recognize a bid? (our own and others) -What choices do we have when we respond to a bid? -What is the impact on the connection between the various ways to respond to a bid? Using guided discussion and activities, our goal is to engage in safe and open conversation about our thoughts and experiences about the challenges we all face as we work towards having Building Healthy Connections in Relationships. There will be opportunities to share (if you want to) and listen to others thoughts and perspectives on this topic. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions! Thanks, Judy and Amy

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We have been thinking about creating a space for women to come together to talk about relationships. Particularly their experiences of the dating journey. We want to be in conversation about the ups, the downs and the ins and outs of what it is like to date in the year 2015. We are also interested in talking with women about their relationships to themselves, their friends, their significant others, their families and their co-workers. We are both therapists who are passionate about helping people be in relationships that are fulfilling and healthy. When it comes to romantic relationships, we believe that being conscious and intentional about the dating process is a great way to create a foundation for a strong and vibrant relationship. We believe that this is true in any relationship scenario.

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