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Short 2K Run + Conditioning exercises for runners
2K run along The Water Front + Running-specific strength training excersises: 1] Begin/end with a light 2K run OR substitute with suicide sprints 2] 20-30min strength training for runners Benefits: -Helps improve endurance and reduces fatigue &/or cramping up -Improves structural fitness (the ability of your bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles to withstand the impact of running) -Helps the body build lean muscle mass which will increase your metabolism, which means you'll burn more calories both at rest and during workouts -Reduce your risk of injuries 3] Learn about proper pre/post run stretching for runners: "Dynamic stretching" involves performing sport-specific movements that prepare the muscles for what they will be used for (they effectively simulate a performance experience.) Benefits of Dynamic stretching: -helps reduce the probability of injury because your body will be prepared to train and reduces recovery time -improves range of motion and mobility short term by loosening the muscles and warming them to working temperature -increases blood flow to areas that will be used throughout the run -helps stimulate the nervous system – enhancing the mind-muscle connection -helps flush lactic acid out of your legs after running See you then! :)

Starbucks at Queen's Quay & Spadina

10 Lower Spadina Ave #101, Toronto, ON M5V2Z2 · Toronto, ON

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What we're about

This group is for those interested in running +yoga and wellness workshops;
Learn about:
-Proper pre & post run foods
-Proper hydration
-How to shorten recovery time
-Alternative forms of exercise while healing from injuries
-Yoga for runners
-Helpful natural supplements and herbs
-Tips & tricks to improve your runs

Why running?
Running can improve your overall health by boosting your immune system;
-improves cardiovascular endurance
-better body composition as it strengthens the muscles and bones
-strengthens the core which improves posture
-strengthens limbs, which helps make day-to-day activities easier
+it helps improve quality of sleep and elevates your mood because running stimulates the pleasure and reward receptors :)

After each run complimentary refreshments will be provided (optional).
Each month we will try a different food/drink and learn more about its benefits as a pre/post workout snack & in our day to day lives.

*You can change into running gear and/or leave your belongings in my buildings recreational room. If you need to use a locker in the rec-room all you need to bring is a personal lock for the locker.)

Running schedule:

Sunday 8:30am - Short 2K run + conditioning workout for Running

Wednesday 8:15am - 5K run through the City (meeting from a subway station)

Monday between 10am to 6pm - Free Thai Massage for runners

Wellness workshops TBD - X3 per year

Hope you can join us at a run sometime in the near future!

---Hosted by Tiku M; creator of African Zest Inc []

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