What we're about

This group is open to all who wish to make regular running, distance walking, and general fitness a part of their lifestyle. Many have goals, but lack support, resources, and knowledge how to get there. Together we can support one another.

You are welcome, whether beginner or experienced, casual or dedicated. Just tell us what your goal is.

These are fun runs and opportunities for us to discuss all aspects of healthy fitness. You can also post information about 'yoga for runners' classes, boot camps, nutritional information, whatever you're into.

Let's identify some really enjoyable routes. Toronto is a scenic city and running here can be transcendent (okay, maybe I'm a little utopian). There are beautiful valleys (the Don, the Humber), waterfront routes both east and west, as well as some trails up in the north I've heard great rumours about. Tell us where you love to run or walk!

First, some ground rules...

No promotion of any profit-based business here. Any 'promoters' will be promptly and swiftly 'booted'.

To ensure group member safety, we need to be clear; our group's intent is to bring together runners, walkers, and active people to participate in enjoyable and healthy activity together. Respect is key here; this is not to be confused with a dating site. We have a zero tolerance policy regarding harassment and anyone disregarding this policy will be banned from our group.

For similar reasons, it is necessary to have a profile photo that is clearly identifiable (at least a head shot). This is to ensure the comfort and safety of members needing to know who to approach in public locations where events are held. Accounts without a recognizable photo will be politely declined, but you are certainly welcome to rejoin with a new photo...we love new members!

Okay, now that we have your agreement, let's get going!

So take a look at the runs posted, let us know if you're coming (so we can spot each other at the meetup), or post your own suggested runs if you would like us to join you. Let's see if we can create a network of popular routes across the city, year round, so that there's always somewhere for you to join others on any given day and get an enjoyable run or walk in.

I look forward to meeting you on the trails.

Good running and good health to you,


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