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Exploring the MSGLEVEL= SAS® System Option and PROC SQL _METHOD Option
There is $10 fee upon signup and its refundable when you show up for the meetup meeting. =================================================================== Title. Exploring the MSGLEVEL= SAS® System Option and PROC SQL _METHOD Option Author. Kirk Paul Faler =================================================================== Title. Four ways to Merge SAS Datasets Author. Mamadou Dakouo =================================================================== Title. Data movement issues: Explicit SQL Pass-Through can do the trick Author. Kiran Venna Abstract. Data movement between Teradata and SAS will have huge impact on run time of SAS ETL Job. Usage of explicit SQL Pass-Through will reduce data movement and will also improve the query performance. Proper ETL planning by using explicit SQL Pass-Through whenever it is possible will be very helpful in attaining required results by using optimal resources. explicit SQL PassThrough can also enhance execution of SAS macros, when a Teradata Table is used to create a SAS data set. This paper presents few case studies related to design of explicit SQL PassThrough in ETL and SAS Macros. Issues with explicit SQL Pass-Through with SAS macro variables and also with Remerging summary statistics with data are presented along with solutions.

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