Toronto SAS® Meetup on October 31


Title: SAS® University Edition: Get and Learn it for FREE
Author: Mamadou Dakouo
The SAS University Edition provides a point-and-click facility for performing many tasks, such as data manipulation, data analysis, graphs and more. If you enjoy programming, SAS University Edition allows you to write and run your own programs as well. This presentation will show you:
1. How to Get free SAS® University Edition
2. And Learn SAS® University Edition
Title: Obtain better data accuracy using reference tables
Author: kiran venna
Data accuracy can be improved tremendously by using reference tables, especially when data is loaded from external files into target tables. Metadata and data quality checks can be easily performed with help of these reference tables. Data accuracy for many files can be performed by using a single reference SAS table with help of macro. In this presentation, I will discuss step by step approach how to build this reference tables and way to automatize the data accuracy checks.
Title. Longitudinal Analysis using SAS: Cohort Study of the Ontario Uranium Miners
Author: Avinash Ramkissoon, Cancer Care Ontario
Examining common techniques used in cohort analysis using longitudinal data, using the association between radon and lung cancer incidence as an example.
Essential elements of cohort analysis:
- Ascertaining case status
- Determining follow-up periods
- Calculating person-years at risk
- Risk modeling with PROC GENMOD
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