Spiritual Experiences Guidebook: The Spiritual Value of Past Lives & Dreams

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Ralph Thornton Community Centre

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Multi Purpose Room 3rd Floor (elevator access)

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"To be the creative dreamer is to work with the creative principle of Soul. Soul is a spark of God. The creative principle that we are trying to learn to express is the creative power. "

— Harold Klemp, The Cloak of Consciousness (http://www.eckbooks.org/items/Cloak_of_Consciousness-9-0.html), pg. 213

Are dreams real? Can they provide suggestions for healing or give insights into a relationship? And what about past lives? How might a glimpse into a past life help us resolve issues that may be holding us back in our lives today?

These and related questions will be explored as we look into how the past affects our present, and how dreams can give us a better view and spiritual insight into our lives.

We'll discuss our understanding of reincarnation, how karma and reincarnation are related, the spiritual nature of dreams, lucid dreams, techniques for improved dream recall...and more!

Come to share your thoughts and your personal experiences, and listen while other spiritual seekers share theirs. You'll also have an opportunity to try a spiritual exercise that may help you discover how to understand the spiritual significance of your dreams.

Good company, good conversation. Never any fee. Hope to see you there!

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This discussion is part of an informal, practical and interactive series of three Meetups, designed to show people how to cultivate their own spiritual experiences and to share spiritual tools and simple spiritual exercises which can help anyone develop a greater awareness of the next step in their journey to fulfill their spiritual destiny.

Feel free to attend just one or two, or come to all three of these events!

A complimentary copy of the Spiritual Experiences Guidebook (http://www.eckbooks.org/items/ECKANKAR_s_Spiritual_Experiences_Guidebook-1512-0.html), by Harold Klemp, will be available at the Meetup, while supplies last, although donations for materials are gratefully accepted.

Next in the series:

Part 3: Soul Travel—Expanding Consciousness July 19th, 2019

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Sponsored by Eckankar—The Path of Spiritual Freedom

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Looking for a blissful start to your weekend? Come join us after this Meetup from 8:30–9:00pm to participate in or experience a Sound of Soul event—a spiritual exercise that can help connect one with the calm center of being.

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