What we're about

We are all an intrinsic part of the "human family". Yet, many of us feel isolated, deserted and separated in a world that appears cold, unfriendly and unforgiving. It is easy to become dis-illusioned and dis-enchanted with such a world.

Yet, deep down we know that this cannot be the whole truth. There is more to existence than what appears at the surface. The culprit is our false, egoic self.

Often our egoic self tells us stories (based on our subjective experiences) that create a false reality obscuring our vision. Those stories disconnect us not only from each other but also from the world. It's time to reconnect with our true nature and also with each other at a deep level.

If you feel the same, you are kindly invited to join this community!

The aim is to facilitate and create a space where people from all walks of life, of all ages, of all religions and nationalities can come together, form a community, a family of sorts, and share their being with each other. Through various tools and techniques, we will connect with our innermost essence and support each other in our respective journeys.

Please note - this is a family sans egoic drama - so no politics, no dogma and no personal prejudices.

Ideal members would be -
1. Sincere individuals who want to foster a spiritual family based on one simple factor - our innate humaneness.
2. Those who seek a deeper understanding of their nature and want to find the inner stillness that helps us navigate through the chaos and drama of the material world are most welcome.

This is an open invitation to anyone and everyone to come join in and walk together on this "beautiful and interesting" inner journey. Let's go beyond those layers of identity and recognize, relate to and connect with the formless behind the form.

Type of events:
Together we will meditate, sit in silence, observe inner stillness, have lively discussions, watch documentaries and movies and much more.

Location of the events:
Primarily downtown near Yonge-Dundas square but if enough people are available, events can be arranged anywhere in the GTA

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