What we're about

What: This Spiritual Healing Group is for people interested in healing themselves and the world using diverse spiritual, magical, and religious traditions and experiences. It is an open-minded, non-dogmatic group.

Who: People of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and relationship styles are welcome, including straight, binary-gendered, monogamous individuals. I make this statement, since as a spiritual individual who tends to date members of his own gender, I have seen how sexual and gender minorities are excluded from many religious and spiritual traditions.

Why: Many have observed that there seems to be a gradual spiritual awakening of humanity at this point in time. For millennia, we have been living under illusions imposed on us, about the society we live in and about ourselves. But slowly, over time, we are realising our true potential, spiritual nature, and understanding that much of what we believe and have been taught and told by authorities is not be accurate.

How: This group will meet for two hours every week. We can discuss each week how our weeks went, share our struggles with each other, and solicit ideas for healing ourselves, and since all is one, healing the world through ourselves. This group is for people who are open-minded to spirituality and/or magic, and willing to explore diverse and unconventional ideas.

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