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We are a community dedicated to supporting business owners of any stage across many different industries who would like to optimize their success, profits and marketing effectiveness.
In this day and age, the experience of the business owner or entrepreneur is one of distraction, unnecessary struggles associated with lack of focus, purpose and direction. We want to create a collaborative environment where we can connect other business owners with others who have a tremendous understanding of what it takes to make a business engine work.
We provide the following types of events:
1. High-quality training and educational mini-workshops.
2. Connection based networking – bringing friendly and ambitious people together.
3. Social events for business owners to connect and collaborate.
4. And much more.
Please join our group if you would like to connect with other likeminded business owners.
We look forward to meeting you.
Lindsay and Stephen Gill, Organizers.
Serving the following communities: Toronto, Mississauga, Markham, North York, Richmond Hill and the Greater Toronto Area

To get a list of all our business networking and educational groups and to learn about them or join them, please go to
https://sunilbhaskaran.com/events/  and scroll down to see the list.

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Ask Me Anything - Prospective Clients in Front of You – Sales Funnels & Systems

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PLEASE NOTE: THIS is an educational online event. You will need to register here at this following link to get your zoom link sent to you via email.


IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: To maintain a safe and trusting space, please join with your video on. We will not be accepting people without their video camera turned on.

There is no charge for this EDUCATIONAL event.
In this event, I will simplify to an intuitive level – how you can design marketing and sales systems to get you clients more easily and in a profitable flow.
YOU HAVE SOME BUSINESS EXPERIENCE? If you have a set of systems already in your business, are they delivering paying clients to you effectively?
NO BUSINESS EXPERIENCE? If you do not have a set of systems already in your business for your sales and marketing, then you will need to learn this soon, so that you can build more efficiently towards your desired goals.
*Are you not generating enough business because you have few opportunities to talk with prospective Clients?
*Are you trolling all kinds of networking events to find clients with little or no luck?
*Disenchanted because you are having to work harder for a business that does not feed you financially & emotionally?
*Are you spending a lot of time, energy and money on your marketing with no results to show?

You will gain the following in this event:

  1. A BETTER, INTUITIVE & SIMPLER DESIGN: How to design effective marketing and sales systems without any technical or business experience?
  2. MAKING IT EASIER: Foundations for making your business, marketing and sales easier.
  3. PROFITABLE & ENJOYABLE FLOW OF BUSINESS: How do you make this happen?
  4. OPPORTUNITIES TO CUSTOMIZE TO YOU: During the Q&A, you will have an opportunity to work with me briefly to get your system design started.

Timeline for the event:
We will start on time.
5 minutes: Hello and Welcome
5 minutes: About me and what I do. No sales during this section.
15 minutes: Short Educational Presentation on the points above.
The rest of the time: Q&A (please come with questions and requests for coaching.)

Who is presenting?
My name is Sunil Bhaskaran. I have been mentoring, leading and running businesses since 1991. I have mentored thousands of entrepreneurs around the world in workshops, speaking engagements, private one on one mentoring, group coaching and more. I am a published author with two books on Amazon and a third on the way with a fourth due to be complete in a year. I have a combined business audience of more than 200,000 entrepreneurs worldwide in various meetup groups located in different parts of the world. I have two global online networking events per month that are very well attended and reviewed.

My websites: www.SunilBhaskaran.com , https://www.globalsmallbusinessschool.com/ , http://www.joyfulcalendar.com/

Please register at this link to reserve your spot asap.

See you very soon,
Sunil Bhaskaran

P.S. We alert you to the following points inside of our intention to provide high-quality events. The following points are stated here as a result of our learnings from doing hundreds if not thousands of such networking and educational events.
* By RSVPing here or registering on the zoom registration link, you are agreeing to be on the email list for Global Communities, LLC. The emails you receive will be for announcing our business events and articles related to business, leadership, lowering stress and similar topics. We do not sell or share your contacts with other businesses or people.
*Please join from a device with a working camera. Since it is not effective to network or interact without one, we will excuse attendees without a camera.
** We will NEVER spam you or sell your address! We will only use your email to keep you informed of our newest events, resources, and tools to grow your businesses. PLEASE DO NOT SPAM others in these events. Do not put people into your email lists unless you get specific permission from them to do so. Please endeavor to build relationships first before asking or presenting any business that you do.
*** Due to Acts of God – e.g. power outages, destructive weather, etc. – unpredictable and uncontrollable, the organizer may be unable to start or continue the event electronically.
**** To prevent chaos, we will be locking the event after the first few minutes beyond the start time.

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