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Location: Dubai Conference Room on the 7th Floor.

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Location: Dubai Conference Room on the 7th Floor.

Meet with specialists from Element AI, KPMG, EY, CBC, Turalt, Scotiabank, and LoyaltyOne to learn about "Ethics in AI". This is a critical topic for developers, users, owners, and regulators of AI solutions. Newly enacted laws, such as General Directive on Data Privacy (GDPR), impose strict penalties and harsh sanctions for actors that contravene this privacy regime of the European Union (EU). Furthermore, heightened civic awareness about the ubiquity and potency of AI in every realm of human affairs have increased demands for ethical AI from society at large.

The co-evolution of increasingly sophisticated AI applications, comprehensive privacy legislation, and greater public attention have created many opportunities and challenges for developers, users, owners, and regulators of AI solutions. Join the host, Vik Pant (, as he convenes a session on ethics in AI.

This session will start with a presentation by Dr. Stuart Watt. Dr. Watt is a leading scholar and preeminent authority on the subjects of empathy, cognition, and computation. He is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Turalt and will present a talk titled "Role of Empathy in Ethical AI".

Next, Xavier Snelgrove, will present a talk about "Model Explainability and Interpretability". Xavier is an Applied Research Scientist at Element AI. His team focuses on transparency, accountability, and trustworthiness of high performing AI solutions. Prior to joining Element AI, he was the co-founder and CTO of Whirlscape where he designed and built the language models that power the Minuum keyboard, and the neural networks that power the emoji, sticker and GIF predictions in Dango.

After these presentations, Sharon Bauer from KPMG, Somayyeh Aghababaei, Ph.D. from LoyaltyOne, Matt Kantor from CBC, Jennifer Fernick from ScotiaBank, and Cathy Cobey from EY will discuss the topic of ethics in AI. These techno-functional professionals will critically assess the role and state of ethics in modern AI solutions. They will share their knowledge about this topic in the context of mission-critical, industrial-strength, and production-grade AI solutions.

The format of this conversation will be a free flowing and easy going discussion between the panelists. Panelists will scrutinize the definition and scope of AI ethics, relevant frameworks and methodologies, pertinent tools as well as data sets, and challenges as well as obstacles related to ethical AI. They will also highlight data science jobs in their organizations.

Attendees will get the opportunity to network with each other as well as with the host, moderator, and the panelists. An open mic segment will allow interested attendees to address the audience with fifteen-second lightning pitches about relevant topics. Complimentary refreshments including pizza and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided.


5:45 PM - 6:00 PM - Registration + Professional Networking
6:00 PM - 6:05 PM - Welcome by LoyaltyOne team
6:05 PM - 6:10 PM - Overview of VentureKids by Takara Small
6:10 PM - 6:40 PM - Presentation by Dr. Stuart Watt
6:45 PM - 7:15 PM - Presentation by Xavier Snelgrove
7:20 PM - 8:10 PM - Panel discussion moderated by Vik Pant
8:15 PM - 8:25 PM - Open Mic for Sixty-Second Lightning Pitches
8:25 PM - 8:45 PM - Professional Networking + Wrap Up

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