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This group (for MEN only) is for exploring the gentle and compassionate touch of massage in the Taoist and other traditions of Tantric Bodywork. It encourages an openness of heart in a nurturing atmosphere of like-minded men. This group is open to all men: straight, bi and gay.

Explore heart-centered touch that is powerful and intimate, facilitated with Serge, a Tantra body-worker with over 10 years of experience. Learn new massage skills each week, from the comfort of professional massage tables, for a luxurious and fulfilling experience to connect with the deeper aspects of your nature.

We provide a safe, comfortable atmosphere to explore massage and healing touch based on ancient Taoist traditions, with intention and mindfulness, preparing you for a stress-free week ahead.

The class begins with a breathing exercise to open and ground the body and mind. Then we will proceed to gently undress with the help of others, followed by a brief calming meditation and intention-setting exercise. At this point, massage partners can decide who will give/get the massage first. Everyone will have a chance to work with different people throughout the class.

The experience is split into giving and receiving - there is NO choosing to only massage 1 person and no one else. Partners will change based on the number of men in the class, so you will have a chance to work with multiple people, giving and receiving. Serge will guide the group through various massage techniques that will focus on loving compassionate touch and exploration of the body’s energies.

IMPORTANT CHANGE - as of the month of May 2017 - if you RSVP and do not have the decency to either cancel your RSVP or let me know that you cannot attend for whatever reason, you are immediately removed from this group - no more exceptions!! This will be strictly enforced - when I send the coordinates, you all have my contact info - no reason you cannot contact me)!!

A massage exchange experience is more than just the physical act of hands on a body -- for example, receiving a massage is not only about laying on a table - it's bringing openness of heart and body, being able to receive loving touch is also about acknowledging the giver and the act of giving and receiving. In a similar way, giving a massage can be viewed as an act of providing a nurturing compassionate healing touch done from the heart as well.

It can be a moving experience for both when done in a nurturing supportive atmosphere.

Of course, there will often be people in the group who are joining for the first time, and I appreciate where you are all coming from, even if you might feel a bit nervous the first time or so.

One thing is understood by all... it's not an instant free-for-all orgy, and the atmosphere we try to create is one of safety, nurturing and loving respect. There will be others there who are joining for the first time, so no need to be nervous or self-conscious. Most of the men I have seen in the groups, for the last several months have been amazing, kind and keen on being loving.

Everyone understands that a massage group also incorporates a certain level of vulnerability in having hands touch and massage your body and more... so a great deal of heartfelt, compassionate intent is the key, for all involved.

Please bring your own water and a towel to wipe any excess lotion from the body afterward (there are extra towels in case you forget your own).

Please make certain you are recently showered/clean. Personal hygiene is very important. Fingernails should be clean and recently trimmed, and please remove bangles/bracelets/chains/watches. It is also a good idea to not wear black underwear and socks, especially in the hot weather as these items of clothing often leave lint.

The get together are at a private venue near Yonge and Davisville TTC Station (less than 10 minutes from the TTC). Yonge and Davisville TTC is just a few stops north of the Yonge/Bloor main TTC hub.

Again, I must point out tat this Meetup group is for MEN only. Please do not ask me where the women are (I do not know where they hang out), and I would suggest to ladies who wish to participate to please form your own group.

As this is a private venue, the location will only be given to those who register (RSVP) their attendance and not posted for all to see. There is also limited capacity, so it will be a first come first serve idea... and due to the limited capacity, I can only accommodate between 8 to 10 people. My request is that you please be quick to register your attendance early!

Once the invite for the get together goes out (usually Wednesday evenings or early Thursday), members RSVP quickly, so I encourage you to make your RSVP as soon as possible so you can participate in our group.

RATE: $20.00 flat rate for everyone (cash preferred or credit card).

I also offer private 1-on-1 massage. For details, you can visit:

Looking forward to seeing you soon.


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