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This is a women only group, where we focus on living extraordinary lives by how we show up in the world. We inspire each other, build community, make new friends, and grow together. We regularly focus on the following topics: Personal Growth, Relationships, Love and Romance, Fun and Play, Finances, Health and Fitness, Sensuality and Sexuality, Spirituality, Money, Work/Life Balance. We discover what's important to us, who we want to be, how to set boundaries and how to take care of ourselves, so we don't lose ourselves in our responsibilities in life and love. We explore and understand the nature of relationships, family dynamics, sexuality and love relationships. We better understand and manage our patterns, habits and behaviors and we learn how to love ourselves better so we can love others more easily. We become who we were meant to be. Our life expands and becomes more satisfying in all ways.

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Life is not always a smooth ride - So Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Are you living a highly stressed life? Do you never have time to get what you want? Do you have dreams you wish you could make come true? This meeting is for you if you are not happy with the status quo of your current life. If you believe that you can have what you want, and want to take responsibility for your reality, then come out to play at this meetup. Using leading edge science, the laws of the universe, as well as visualization and proven methodology, you will be learning how to be the driver of your life, instead of the passenger. I will challenge your beliefs, your reasons and stories why life is the way it is, and I will provoke you to play a bigger game. If you like challenge, rich outcomes, experiential growth and personal responsibility then you will leave this evening with a new sense of how to be comfortable being uncomfortable growing and expanding into an even more amazing you. Whether you are single or married, employee or business owner, healthy or sick, or rich or poor, you are creating the life you are living. Every day you make choices and decisions which bring a lifestyle that either makes you feel good, or bad. And if you say you are just "fine", believe me, there's a whole ton of possibilities out there to make it be infinitely better. If you are the kind of person who'd rather live a life with more energy, passion, meaning and significance then come out and enjoy this dynamic conversation. Living an Extraordinary Life begins with an Extraordinary Conversation.

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The Beginner's Guide To Tantra Talk

The Wallace Gastropub (formerly known as The Twisted Kilt)

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