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This meetup group is for the trader or investor. It doesn't matter your skill level or how many years you have been trading or investing, even if you have not started yet. This meetup group is for you. But it's meant to be a group where you can network with other people in the community it's not a place for you to get that next hot tip or get a recommendation for your next trade or business deal. But this is a good place to START your homework not the final bit of it!

Ground rules, Respect others and have fun at the events. If you did have a great time with us, please don't keep this group a secret to yourself. Tell others about your experience(s). There is no HARD SELLING in this group.Nobody likes to have that guy or gal who is there to make that sell, but if it comes up in a conversation that is completely cool. Also Asking for the next hot tip or a recommendation asking or giving them out is NOT ALLOWED OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT! And tip like you mean it. ;)

PS. If you don't have a picture of your face," That is clear," you may get removed from the group. If you are shy, that's ok. But post a picture of your face in a cartoon format that looks like you in reality. The reason for this is "Justin," the organizer, has a hard time with names. Looks are more manageable for him to remember. With a lot of people!

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