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What we’re about

The Toronto Web Performance Group is one of several meetups across the globe set up to learn about and proselytizing web performance culture, best practices and new technologies. 

Added, we try to look at case studies where companies share and or discuss current updates w/ performance minded results. Although renown engineer Steve Souders famously said that “80%-90% of performance bottle necks are in the front end”, we encourage developers of all walks, designers, user experience professionals as well as sales & marketing people, to join the conversation. Why?

Front end developers by design bare the brunt of the work w/ the growing complexities of the frameworks and site’s interactivities. Design decisions factor into a site’s rendering. User experience (#ux) is a recognized component of performance equation.  But sales as well as marketing departments should attend being that they have equal interests and investments in a site’s success. 

Consumer demands and the metrics are as such that raw timing numbers no longer suffice, considering the monies at stake. We plan to explore all aspects of performance culture, with the afore mentioned, and more (like new APIs) with talks from local and international guests with tooling deep dives and the occasional special events - like book launches or appearances from browser vendors.

Join us. Tell a friend, bring another™.