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The Toronto Web Performance Group is one of several meetups across the globe set up to learn about and proselytizing web performance culture, best practices and new technologies.

Added, we try to look at case studies where companies share and or discuss current updates w/ performance minded results. Although renown engineer Steve Souders famously said that “80%-90% of performance bottle necks are in the front end”, we encourage developers of all walks, designers, user experience professionals as well as sales & marketing people, to join the conversation. Why?

Front end developers by design bare the brunt of the work w/ the growing complexities of the frameworks and site’s interactivities. Design decisions factor into a site’s rendering. User experience (#ux) is a recognized component of performance equation. But sales as well as marketing departments should attend being that they have equal interests and investments in a site’s success.

Consumer demands and the metrics are as such that raw timing numbers no longer suffice, considering the monies at stake. We plan to explore all aspects of performance culture, with the afore mentioned, and more (like new APIs) with talks from local and international guests with tooling deep dives and the occasional special events - like book launches or appearances from browser vendors.

Join us. Tell a friend, bring another™.

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Bahen Centre for Information Technology

///* SPOTLIGHT: WEB PERFORMANCE. A ONE DAY EVENT */// http://bit.ly/fitc_perf <-- shareable link (tweet, slack, LinkedIn, internal) Web performance has come a long way. From how we once defined what web performance was, to the actual tools that we also once used to make said measurements. But this dark art has moved into the spotlight, as the near ubiquitous use of frameworks, the reality of the diverse device landscape and the unreliability of network conditions has warranted a closer look at performance and the user experience it provides. Join us Saturday March 23rd as we invite leading voices in web performance, explore the current state of tooling, examine the performance benefit of particular platforms, look into case studies and consider the best metrics and practices in order to provide the friction free #ux users yearn. ///* Add-on: Limited workshop tickets still available for Sunday */// Don’t forget to check out the full day performance workshop with Harry Roberts on the next day – Sunday March 24, 2019. Very limited seats so grab one now! ///* Who should attend? */// This event is for developers looking to learn or extend their Web Development skills and knowledge. Talks are all at INTERMEDIATE level. ///* SPEAKERS */// Amberley Romo (GatsbyJS) https://twitter.com/amber1ey Bhavana Srinivas (Netlify) Chris Zacharias (IMGIX) https://twitter.com/zacman85 Harry Roberts (CSS Wizardry) https://twitter.com/csswizardry Hasan Ahmed (Aquent DEV6) https://twitter.com/has_ibr_ahm Patrick Meehan (Cloudflare) https://twitter.com/patmeenan Rick Viscomi (Google) https://twitter.com/rick_viscomi ///* TALKS & SCHEDULE */// https://fitc.ca/event/perf/presentations/ ///* Tickets */// http://bit.ly/fitc_perf_tix Get your tix for a 1st time performance event in Toronto, and the 1st such conference on the East coast since Velocity was last in NYC with performance content (2016). Now one of 3 events: Mountain View, Amsterdam and now Toronto. Hear from the author if the famed and revered WEBPAGETEST (Pat Meeman). Get to hear about the famed JAMstack from 2 of it's most celebrated contributors: we have Amberley from GatsbyJS as well as Bhavana from Netlify wholesaled will both be able to answer all questions about the JAMstack. Harry Roberts has worked with some of the biggest companies known in enterprise, helping them manage the ills of 3rd parties. Rick Viscomi will introduce the audience to the HTTP Archive (https://twitter.com/HTTPArchive) as well as the Chrome User Experience Report (https://twitter.com/ChromeUXReport) - and demonstrate how to extract insights form the web, and see how you can leverage it to improve performance metrics. This is a must attend for anyone who would love to establish a foundation in performance acumen, and have an opportunity to improve skills from tooling to auditing. . Have questions? Pls tweet me @HenriHelvetica, and will be more than happy to provide any additional info you may need. See you March 23rd @ U of T. Henri @HenriHelvetica https://twitter.com/HenriHelvetica

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