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Welcome back everyone! We’re happy to launch our fall season with a super special affair. Delighted to be presenting this event (a pinch larger than a meetup), celebrating this sudden surge is modern image formats conversation. A quick recap:

🔸 AV1 video format has been in conversation + implemented by streaming platforms.
🔸 That also meant that AVIF (an AV1 frame) became part of the conversation as well.
🔸 Apple announces in June that iOS 14 would support webp.
🔸 Chrome stable announces AVIF support.
🔸 AVIF support behind a flag in FireFox
🔸 Jake Archibald writes a significant blog post re: AVIF
🔸 Apple released iOS 14 Sept 16, providing WebP support.

With all of that mentioned, JPEG XL keeps moving forward as a replacement the the work horse that has been the JPG format (happy bday btw!).

In 2020, there has never been a better time for modern image format adoption. All these efforts by image researchers, and dedicated engineers has created nothing short of good news for developers. This was infact the impetus for organizing this event. So I do hope you’ll join us for what we’re calling “Image Ready” (old schoolers will understand what this means 🙃)

Here are the confirmed guests and the details of their presentations:

📸 Jon Sneyers (@jonsneyers) — Senior Image Researcher, Cloudinary. He will introduce you to JPEG XL.
📸 Kornel Lesiński (@kornelski) — Engineer @ Cloudflare, author of Image Optim. Will deep dive on AVIF
📸 Pascal Massimino (@PascalMassimino) — Senior Staff Engineer @ Google. He will discuss past, present + future of WebP
📸 Surma (@DasSurma) — Web Advocate @ Google, co-author/speaking on an image compression web app
📸 Patrick Hulce (@patrickhulce) — Open Source Engineer, Lighthouse Core team. He will discuss Lighthouse Scores and impact of images.
📸 Aditya Mavlankar (part of @NetflixUIE team)— Senior Software Engineer - Netflix. He will discuss and update their position re: AVIF since their big writeup in Feb.

We will be adding some names this week, right up to the last day to round it all off — as we have our fingers crossed. I’ll leave it at that! We could not be more excited.

Do recall that we also have this short survey, which will help us w/ some content.

We should have a schedule settled for the event the week of but be prepared as w/ near certainty, this will start 11am EDT, 12 EDT at the very latest. We are simply doing our best to accommodate speakers from both Europe and California for the same event. Welcome to online!

That said, we really look forward to see you Friday Oct 2. Pls tell a friend, and then tell another. Share this meetup link at in your work slack, dev slack you frequent, or twitter.

Have any q?s We are all ears! Ping me at @HenriHelvetica and/or @ToWebPerf on twitter. ✨🙏🏾✨

Thank you and have a GREAT weekend!

PS - if you have a moment, one of our speakers, Kornel Lesiński appeared on Cloudflare TV to give a detailed past present + future of formats overall - in a 30 min dive. A great listen whilst you work: ENJOY.

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