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What we get together for: • Contact improv dance training including lifts you may have seen on So You Think You Can Dance • Facilitated communication and connection • Open contact improv dancing This event is for you: • Whatever your skill level in contact improv dance, including beginners • If you're interested in athletic, kinesthetic, and sometimes intimate dance form • If you're interested in openly transparent communication and conscious relating Wear clothes suitable for yoga or dancercise. Knee pads are a useful option. Remember your water bottle! For a couple of wonderful sample videos of contact improvisation, check out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQDZT6vfEyQ&feature=related The above video link is from last summer's festival in Berkeley with many wonderful dancers including Kira Kirsh, Aaron Jessup, Samantha Sweetwater, Ralf Jaroschinski, Elio Scudieri, Ken Martini, Denzil Meyers, and others whom I know but whose names I don't recall. Mark Koenig and I are in the final 18 seconds. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCPgxcdrkNs The above video link is of Megan Brown and Nataraj Hauser in “Contraption,” a fusion of contact improv and aerial dance. Note: We will not be using aerial trapeze apparatus. Event facilitated by Alex Perlman, BA, MBA, MEd, MHRD, CA, BPHE. Among the programs Alex created: • The Human Interaction program which operated in idyllic settings in the Caribbean islands for a number of years • Human Interaction ‘88 in Toronto where Alex trained over 70 group facilitators over a 6-month training program to assist him in facilitating a weekend conference on personal development and networking with over 400 attendees • Conference opening sessions with close to 1,000 participants interacting simultaneously Alex has trained with renowned contact improv teachers such as: Nancy Stark Smith, Steve Paxton, Nita Little, Martin Keogh, Scott Wells, Shel Wagner Rasch, Kirstie Simson, Stefan Fabry, Allen and Karen Kaeja, Robert Anderson, Mark Koenig, Stephanie Cohen, Karl Frost, Tracy Vogel, Aaron Jessop, Vitali Kononov, Peter Ryan, Peter Bingham, Sean Seward, John Dowell, and Brenton Cheng. Contact: Alex Perlman 416-429-2468 — alex@brilliance.org Event by APC LTD. © Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.

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Dancing Generosity: CI as Practice for Connection & Resilience

Dovercourt Penthouse (top floor)

Free film, discussion, and dance Friday night! Skills, Resilience, Connection, and Consent through Contact Improvisation. Expand your capacities, regardless of your current experience and skill level, beginner to advanced. Get your free ticket here for Friday night while space available: https://fivewaysintoronto.eventbrite.com Over the weekend we will co-create dances based on generosity and curiosity, explore deepening connection, and relish in the clarity possible in creative play with a community vision. We will share our visions for our communities and dance and connect from there. We will practice both the physics and subtle communication of CI technique in order to dance with diverse people and recognize and communicate our desires clearly. We will learn and practice how to get back in the game that moves us toward our vision when we get slowed down or stop ourselves. Alyssa sees CI community jams as complex playgrounds in which we bring in our dynamic dancing, our creativity, and our intimacy and conscious sexuality skills to practice connecting with ourselves and with others. ● How do we remember we are always at choice and listen to ourselves intimately? ● What qualities do we want to bring to our engagements? ● How can we broaden our palette of dancing from floor to sky while doing so with deep listening for consent? ● How can we explore Contact Improvisation in community so as to best strengthen and nourish each other? During this intensive dance weekend we'll explore ways to rise and fall from the floor, engage and disengage with each other's pathways, share weight, and use fitting and axis awareness to initiate and read offers for lifts. For example: what does a win/win/yes/yes lift feel like? Friday night film screening of Five Ways In documentary, followed by discussion and dance. Free - donations gratefully received. Once you get your free ticket, we’ll email you in advance of the day of the film with specification of Ryerson room location. Please note the revised timing. Get your free ticket here: https://fivewaysintoronto.eventbrite.com/ Friday night schedule at Ryerson... • 6:30pm Doors open • 6:50pm Film starts • 8:05-9:30pm (approximate end time) Discussion followed by contact improv dance jam Two-day workshop schedule at Dovercourt... Saturday: • 10:30am-1:00pm Session 1 at Dovercourt 2nd floor • 1:00-2:00pm Lunch break • 2:00-5:30pm Session 2 at Dovercourt 2nd floor Sunday: • 10:30am-1:00pm Session 3 at Dovercourt 2nd floor • 1:00-2:00pm Lunch break • 2:00-5:30pm Session 4 at Dovercourt 3rd floor Weekend pricing $190 and up depending on your ability to pay and on timing of your registration. Click ticket link below for weekend pricing details. If you need a further price reduction and want to help out, click the contact button below to start the conversation. :) Register now to confirm your spot. Only 10 tickets available at lowest price. Tickets here: https://dancinggenerosity.eventbrite.com Click here for a video introduction by Alyssa: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJ1pBp-s_gw ALYSSA LYNES brings to this workshop her knowledge of community development in Touch&Play as a key organizer and teacher (since 2012) and CI communities (since 2010), facilitation skills of Contact Improvisation and movement pedagogy that she has taught extensively in Europe and North America over the past decade, Contemporary & partner dance forms, Nonviolent Communication, and Education (Masters in Education - bilingual), in addition to her work and study of The Life Coaching at the Academy of Coaching Excellence. Along with Dancing Generosity events, she most recently taught an intensive at Touch and Play 2018 and co-facilitated the Spring Jam at Earthdance proposing the theme, 'Difference as Resource". She co-directed Five Ways In and enjoys interviewing people on their strategies for intimately understanding themselves and for communicating.

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Chemistry in Motion™—Communicadance™

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