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• Fun and energitic activities, social festivals, and foodie-approved dinners with other Cantonese speakers

• Networking with young professionals and business people in Toronto, Hong Kong, or other areas in China & Asia


Before you attend any events, please review the following policies that are applicable to the Toronto Cantonese Community (TCC):


It is with great emphasis and importance that all members understand and adhere to the following principle.

What is harassment? Harassment involves in any unwanted physical or verbal behaviour that offends another person. The Toronto Cantonese Community (TCC) does not allow any forms of harassment in this group at any of our events. Such forms could include but not limited: in-person, telephone, text messaging, emailing, instant messaging including MeetUp messaging, and the list continues. The following actions only apply to MALE members: male members using MeetUp messaging to message female non-organizer members they have NEVER met before , male members taking pictures of female members WITHOUT consent, male members making sexually inappropriate comments to female members, male members creeping out female members, male members following around a female member he has met for the first time or does not know and male members asking female members repeatedly for contact information despite female members have made a clear refusal is harassment.

Fail to adhere to this policy will result in removal from group.

The Toronto Cantonese Commumity (TCC) highly encourage members to report to any organizers from our Leadership Team. This MeetUp group is a social group, but we take every members' safety seriously. Any MALE members who disagree with the TCC Harassment policy should leave the group.

2. RSVP, Attendance, and 3-Strike Policy
When the Toronto HK Cantonese Community (TCC) schedule events, our organizers and event hosts DOES NOT get paid to host these events. In fact, they volunteer their personal time and resources to entertain members in this group. We should all feel appreciate and recognise all the hardworking and efforts that it requires to run an event.

And when members decides to "NO SHOW (NS)", "LATE BAIL / LATE CANCEL (LB / LC)" or "EVENT CRASH (EC)" -- not only is this an act of rudeness and disrespectful, it also costs us all. How? Those who are on the wait list wants a spot but is unable to take part. Be considerate to all members.

To make this fair to everyone, the below policies are now in effect for all events.

PLEASE NOTE: Under the new leadership, we will NOT be collecting membership dues. All we ask from every member is to be considerate to other members when you RSVP.

I. 100% RSVP RULE: when you click on the RSVP button, it does not mean you "like" the event. It simply means that you are 100% available to attend the event. If you are not 100% sure on attending, it is highly recommended that you RSVP when you are absolutely sure that you can attend.

II. LATE BAIL / LATE CANCEL (LB / LC): when you change your RSVP after the RSVP deadline. This will result in ONE (1) full strike on your record with this group.

III. NO SHOW (NS): when you have RSVP'd yes, but you failed to attend the event. This will result in ONE (1) full strike on your record with this group.

IV. EVENT CRASH (EC): when you have not RSVP'd to the event and the deadline for the RSVP has closed and you decide to attend the event. We do not encourage this form of behaviour. As a result, this will equate ONE (1) full strike on your record with this group.

V. SEXUAL HARASSMENT: under the Ontario Human Rights Code, sexual harassment is "engaging in a course of vexatious comment or conduct that is known or ought to be known to be unwelcome". This will result in an immediate ban in this group. Pending on case by case, we reserve the rights to escalate the case to higher authorities. If you like to read more on this, feel free to visit the Ontario Human Rights Commission (http://www.ohrc.on.ca/en/sexual-and-gender-based-harassment-know-your-rights-brochure) website.

VI. 3-STRIKE POLICY: when you have collected a total of THREE (3) full strikes from your record, your membership with The Toronto Cantonese Community will be removed.

VII. PRIORITY WAITLIST: By RSVPing first, it does not mean you will be considered top priority to be on the GO-List. Priority for waitlist will be determined by several factors pending on the nature of the event to our members. These factors will be determined by the event host(s).

VIII. PAYMENT: in an event that requires a payment to attend, it is the member's responsibility to read through the event description and make the payment to the event host in a timely manner. Fail to do so, your RSVP will REMAIN in the Waitlist until your payment has been received in full.

At an event where payment is received in person (for example: dining out at a restaurant) and a member does not pay for their portion in full, this member may be at risk in getting ONE (1) full strike recorded on their record.

IX. YOUR GUEST(S): when you RSVP with guest(s), ALL POLICIES applies to you and your guest(s). Any violation resulting from your guest(s) WILL BE applied to your record. Therefore, it is wise to choose who you would like invite to attend.

X. PHOTOGRAPH(S): while the Toronto Cantonese Community (TCC) encourages all members to take pictures in our events. However, it is your responsibility to inform the event host(s) if you have any privacy issue in being in pictures. Members cannot take pictures of other members without consent.

XI. UPLOADING PHOTOGRAPH(S): please ask for permission if you will be uploading any pictures that involves other members in the group. Fail to do so, the picture(s) can and will be removed.

XII. SOLICITATION: when you solicit any services and / or products that is not related to the Toronto Cantonese Community (TCC), may result an instant ban from the group. Be respectful.

XIII. OTHER RULES: event host(s) may have their own set of rules that is in support with the policies for the Toronto Cantonese Community (TCC). This happens as different hosts and different events may require additional guidelines implemented to protect all participating members. For example: waiver forms needs to be signed and completed before attending certain events that requires this.

3. Other Legalities
Under any circumstance, the Toronto Cantonese Community (TCC) is not responsible for any loss or damages resulting from attending any of our events. As a member of The Toronto Cantonese Community (TCC), you agree that you and your guest(s)' will take full responsibility on your own personal safety. And should never put yourself or others in danger. According to Meetup, "all organizers members should be mindful of local laws when engaging with their Meetups".

PLEASE NOTE: Our Zero Tolerance Harassment Policy and Membership Policies are Copyrighted © 2016 the Toronto Cantonese Community (TCC). All rights reserved. We reserve the rights to add and / or modify the policies without notice.

A NOTE TO CO-ORGANIZERS: Co-organizers are given the authority to remove members from the Toronto Cantonese Community (TCC) for just cause, which includes but not limited to the violation of policies mentioned above. The Main Organizer holds the ultimate authority to override co-organizers' decisions if the causes of removing members are in question.

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