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Hello Toronto Elixir,

It's been a while,

Our lives have all be affected by the recent events and this meetup was no different.

That said, we miss you all and even if it won't be the same as when our gracious sponsors host us we wanna try to meet nonetheless.

So, we'll do it online!

The appointment is for Thursday May 21st, 6:30 pm, Zoom link is attached to this event.

We will start talks sooner than usual given that we won't have a lot of space to mingle, so try to come on time if you can.

Our speakers for this month are:

Mafinar Khan -
will present "KarmaWerks Part 2: The UI"
This is Mafinar's second talk on KarmaWerks for ElixirTO. KarmaWerks is a task management tool based on Phoenix, LiveView and Dgraph.
In this session, he will do a demo and discuss the LiveView implementation of various aspects, ie authentication, charts, drag and drop, GraphQL +/- etc.

Tyler Pachal - with "Elixir Metaprogramming For Dummies (like me)", Examining some of the basic usages for metaprogramming in Elixir with an emphasis on demystifying "quote" and "unquote" and knowing when to use them.

Razvan Draghici -
will talk about "Raft in Elixir", Learning about Raft distributed consensus algorithm and my naive Leader Election implementation in Elixir.

Even if we won't be able to hangout in person please join us for this event! Also look for our community on the #toronto channel of the Elixir Slack

Looking forward too seeing you all online!

given that this is a remote event please to extend the invite outside the Toronto community as well!