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Welcome friends,

I decided to create the first ever Go Meetup group in Toronto. We're just surprised why there isn't a Go Meetup group in Toronto, so here it is.

Our purpose is to create a place for Torontonians to come together and play Go, to share this wonderful and simple game. It doesn't matter if you an expert, average or beginner level, come play, learn or teach the game of Go.


The Go Saint

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Our 121th Go Event @ Ramsden Park (Across From Rosedale Station)

Needs a location


1...Ramsden Park.
2...Wait for us at the benches near the signal lights/Look for Meetup sign.
3...Get off at Rosedale subway station and walk across the street.

We will be playing Go at Ramsden Park, across from Rosedale subway station. It's a small park so it shouldn't be too difficult to find us playing Go.


Event information:
This will be our inauguration event, so come out and play some GO. If you have board and stones bring them to this event. If you don't know how to play you can just come out and learn from people that do know how to play.

Board & Stones:
If you have Board and Stones please bring them to our event. GO Apps on iPad and Android tablets will be fine as well.

No Show:
We are a new group and with so few members please honor your RSVP, or change your RVSP to NO so we don't have to wait or look for you.

Meetup Fee:
There will be a $1.00 Meetup fee to help me pay for this group, the fee can be pay in person at the event.

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