Hadoop Security Deep Dive


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A breakdown of the authorization and authentication tactics used with Hadoop. This is a big topic but I think it is important to cover the lay of the land with so much happening in this space. It may not be as exciting as a in-memory iterative SGD or Deep Learning, but it is a practical consideration when implementing Hadoop.

This presentation will involve:

1. Authentication & Authorization

2. Strong Authentication: To Kerborize or Not to Kerborize...

3. Authorization services in HDFS, YARN, HBase, and Hive

4. Security in Architecture: Network, Cluster, Edges & Gateways

5. Frequently used 3rd party tools and projects

6. Future of Hadoop Security, Emerging projects/products, and opportunities for contribution

6. Practical Q&A

*Disclaimer - We will do our best to be vendor neutral and describe the approaches each company takes. However, we will focus on the most commonly implemented security approaches.