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TPG: We have over 60 members of our Mastermind Groups! If you have not signed up yet, you can do it at any time. There is no cost to join. Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich Hill describes the Mastermind Principle (the second of his 17 Principles of Success) as: “It consists of two or more people, who work in perfect harmony for the attainment of a definite purpose. It is the principle through which you may borrow and use the education, the experience, the influence and perhaps the capital of other people in carrying out your own plans in life. It is the Principle through you can accomplish in one year more than what you could have accomplished without it in a Lifetime if you depended entirely on your own efforts for success. Indifference cannot create a Mastermind alliance for you. A negative mental attitude can bring you nothing but failure. You are where you are and what you are because of your mental attitude in which you relate yourself to other people. Your mental attitude is the one and the only thing over which you have complete control. Success has to be planned and earned in advance. Your only real limitation is the one you accept and set up in your own mind.” As part of our 2018 activities, we started to facilitate the organization of Mastermind groups for our members within 3 themes: • Health / Fitness • Finances / Business • Relationships Each group consists of 3-6 people who meet on a regular basis (phone, video or in person) to work together, coach each other and keep each other accountable. There is no cost to be part of these groups. Benefits of joining a Mastermind Group o Different ideas / perspectives o Share of resources o Accountability o Support system with people who share similar mindset o Boost of positivity Mastermind Groups Operating Principles Creation of Mastermind Group o Write your contact details on the sheet provided o Agree on the focus and purpose of your group o Select your members o Similar experience/skills o Similar purpose and values o Avoid being direct competitors (same market) o Full commitment to their success and the success of the other members of the group o Set the logistics of meetings ahead of time o Frequency of meetings o Modality: phone, video, in person o Leader: each group has a leader who will take care of organizing the calls and moderating them as needed o Mentor: each leader will have one of the TPG Directors as mentors to make sure the Mastermind is on track. The Mentor doesn’t participate in the calls o Agree on confidentiality rules During the meetings o Set an agenda for the meetings o Share the time equally among members o Share what is working well and something you need help with o Share resources that others could benefit from o Take notes for action items After the meeting o Take action, notice what is working and what you may need to change o Celebrate o Prepare notes for follow up and have clarity on goals for the next session. Free venue and mentorship o The TPG will facilitate the venue for its Mastermind groups 1 hour prior to the monthly meetings in case the groups want to meet in person, Mastermind Mentors (Members of the TPG Board) will be available for questions and/or to share resources with all members of the Mastermind groups during that hour. For any questions, please call me or message me through the TPG Meetup site. Lola Bendana Board of Directors - Toronto Power Group - TP

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The Toronto Power Group is about connecting people who are willing to challenge the status quo, defy the odds and go beyond their current circumstances. It is for those who want to grow and contribute.

We meet once a month (except summer and December), we bring speakers and provide the opportunity to network prior to the speaking session of the night.

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