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Joe's Community Solar Buy: Join us for an informational meeting
This is hosted by Green Neighbours 21 Tue, 30 Jan, 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm 747 St. Clair Avenue West, Hungarian House, in the back community room Looking to make your home a little greener? Consider using alternative energy to reduce your environmental footprint and reduce your hydro expenses. Councillor Mihevc and Green Neighbours 21 will be hosting a meeting in January to bring together residents to explore the possibility of a community-led group solar buy to help residents purchase solar energies at a competitive group rate. Residents can explore a series of solar configurations, including: Solar photovoltaic panels – to generate your own electricity with Toronto Hydro’s net metering program Solar thermal systems – to produce your hot water for your home Battery backup systems – to store electricity for use during emergencies If you would like to participate, or to find out more, come to the meeting or contact Green Neighbours 21 at (link sends e-mail) Free. Everyone welcome.

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Are you interested in knowing more about renewable energy sources? Do you want to pursue a career in renewable energy industry? Toronto Renewable Energy Network (TREN) is a non-profit organization that creates educational and networking events and activities for the public. Our mission is to create a more sustainable future by engaging people who are passionate about renewable energy. Currently with over 1,000 members, we believe that fun is also renewable! We look forward to meeting enthusiastic people like you.

Join us and learn about solar, wind, geothermal, bioenergy and more!

Join in the "fun" -- because fun is a renewable resource.

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