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Learning a new language? Need a place to practice it? Have it come alive, along with like-minded individuals?

Welcome to the Toronto Spanish Club! For over 14 years(!) and counting, we are Toronto's longest running Peer-Speaking Group!

Come out, meet other hispanohablantes, say that 3 times fast! Check our photo section to get an idea of what we are all about! (https://www.meetup.com/TorontoSpanishClub/photos/) As we learn, practice, speak and socialize using the beautiful language that is Spanish! Along the way you will meet new friends, both native speakers and others, who like you, have challenged themselves in order to expand their horizons. Not too shabby, eh?

Please, keep in mind however, we are a language group, not a language class.

So you would need to be at least at a beginner-intermediate level to really benefit from the community. We believe in 100% immersion and that is what really helps one to pick up a language. There are other events aside our Thursday nights where you do not have to speak Spanish 100% of the event.


Attendance is important, please only RSVP if you ARE come out. We are all adults here and your consideration and thoughtfulness will certainly go a long way with others. So, get ready, bring your dictionaries if you wish --some do-- and lets speak some Spanish!

Everything is out in the open or in the "about" and photography sections so feel free to take a look.

If you have any questions, send me an email and I will be more than happy to help!

We look forward to meeting you.


Mauricio Alas
Photographer & Community Manager

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Korean Lunch, Latin Style

Paldo Gangsan


Hola, Paldo Gangsan is a hole in the wall. A delicious, very low key spot in Koreatown that specialized in pork bone soup. If you never had it, it is a tasty treat. Yet, this place is so utterly nondescript, chances are that you have walked passed it, dozens of times while thinking what you were going to order at that other restaurant you were heading to. Personally? For years, I did not even know the name of the place, I only remembered it by its location. True story. As a friend and I had only discovered it by literally just walking into it, as we searched and were in the quest for some of the best pork bone soup in Toronto but that too, is a tale for another day. Having said that, they do have other dishes too, plus it's inexpensive, and the venue is fairly well rated, which you can check via links below my signature. We chatted about going out to eat at a get-together a few weeks ago and decided to make a thing of it. As such, join us, so we can go and speak in Spanish, so for once, it will be they who can't understand us, as we will be ones speaking in yet another language. ;-) When you get there, head up the short flight of stairs and settle in at one of their booths or tables, I will aim to be there about 10-15 minutes early, myself. We can go for a drink or a coffee to a nearby place later, we will leave it up to a vote to the group, once there. I know it should go without saying but if you are coming, please try be on time. We tend to practice Latin politeness, and will wait for all members to come before ordering. I am sure people will come hungry, and you would not want for others to make you wait, as such, be mindful of that. Or email me if you are coming late, doing either one is fine. So, let's go! Yum! Lastly, I can already hear you thinking... and yes, we will go to a Latin cuisine place next. Any suggestions? I am thinking in the West End. Hope to you see on Saturday. -Mauricio Su Organizador Reviews with photos: https://www.yelp.ca/biz/paldo-gangsan-toronto?osq=Paldo+Gangsan https://www.tripadvisor.ca/Restaurant_Review-g155019-d4868739-Reviews-Paldo_Gangsan-Toronto_Ontario.html

Brrr... Que Frio Esta!

The Bishop and the Belcher


Hola! Brrr... Now you can really feel it! Come and join us for an evening full of lively, fun conversations. Yeah, it is cold out there, however we are neatly located just a few minutes walk from Yonge and Bloor! So, no snow or slush wrestling! Watch it there be a snowstorm on that day, just because I jinxed it. ;-) We usually sit in the "SNUG" which is the smaller room to the left of the entrance. If we are not there, ask the hostess, as they may have placed us elsewhere, but trust me, we will be there. Looking at another place to go for a bite, as I said before, probably in the west end. However, we will be briefly switching our location to the Artful Dodger in one of our upcoming meetups. Keeps your eye peeled. Hope you can make it! HABLEMOS! -Mauricio Su Organizador Extra details: As always, we need about 6+ members in attendance for the meetup to go ahead, the more the merrier! Otherwise, it might be rescheduled. Check your email at noon on the day of the event, if you have received nothing, the event is going to happen! Lastly, if you are a no-show, in the interest and to respect those who do come out, as it is not fair to them, you might be removed off the group if you are a repeat offender.

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Brrr... Que Frio!

The Bishop and the Belcher


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