Past Meetup

Searching For Sugar Man - Predicted to Win Best Documentary at the Oscars


Mathew is the organizer for this meetup. If you need to contact him, please post a message on the wall, or email him at

This might be your last change to come out and see the BEST documentary of the year. All signs are pointing to this movie to WIN BEST DOCUMENTARY!


Nominated—Oscar, Best Feature Length Documentary, Academy Awards 2013

“Hugely entertaining, emotionally touching” — Indiewire

"Miraculous and inspiring." — Roger Ebert

Searching for Sugar Man follows the short but complicated career of the musician Rodriguez, a political folk singer from Detroit. Rodriguez recorded two albums in 1970 and 1971 that were commercial disasters. Due to their failure, he gave up his life as a musician. However, bootleg copies of his music found their way out of North America and into the hands of counter-culture youth, from South Africa to Australia, who were looking for a soundtrack to accompany their “revolutions”. Without realizing it, Rodriguez quickly reached superstardom overseas. In the meantime, he had disappeared, and no one knew his location until a mysterious story ran in the media about his apparent suicide. It wasn’t until a South African journalist decided to do a follow-up story on Rodriguez 30 years later that he accidentally stumbled across a man who appears to be Rodriguez, alive and well but living in poverty in Detroit, Michigan. Only putting this man back on stage to his legion of fans would be the true test... Robin Smith, Hot Docs


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Meetup Location: Right outside the thearte and I wearing my Alligator hat.

Movie meetup time: 6:15pm....I will only wait 5mins

The movie start time: 6:30pm

Movie Running Time: 85 minutes

Cost of movie:$11 or less with a membership.

After the movie:We will find a place to have a discussion after the movie.