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3rd ANNUAL Worst Movie Ever Movie Night! - TROLLS 2 and THE ROOM!


Mathew is the organizer for this meetup. If you need to contact him, please post a message on the wall, or email him at

This will be at Mathew's place at Sherbourn and Wellesley. He will email you the day before.
This is the 3rd Annual - Worst Movie Ever Movie Night! We did this event last year and we had a great night! These are not your normal movie but the are soooooo bad that they are soooooooo good. We talk about the movie, we make fun of the movie and we laugh are selves to death too. This year we will start with Th Room which is one of the top 5 worst movies ever made! which really bad movie and after we will end with Troll's 2...This movie is the #1 bad movie ever! The funnest thing about this movie is....there are no Trolls in Trolls 2.

Heres what you need to know:

1) This event is a RSVP party for 8 people and have not been a no show or a serial RSVPer (which means RSVP for everything but at the last min. change it to a no). It is also important that when you RSVP that you will be coming no matter what (even if your great grandmother for the old country shows at your door you will still be coming.)

2) Please bring some treats to share with the group and BYOBs or Pop.

3) Cost: If you are staying over the dinner hour, bring around $10 to cover the cost of dinner. We will be ordering Pizza (Maybe Pizza Hut).

4) I will start the movie at 5:30pm sharp and I'm not sure what time it will end but it will be late (around 1oish)

4) I will give email my directions out Friday afternoon. I will also email them out to anyone that signs up late too. I live near Wellesley and Sherbourne

5) Must like dogs! I have two little ones.

6) $2 meetup fee to help cover the cost of the movies.


How Bad/Good is it? This independently produced film about an amiable banker whose friends betray him one by one has been called "the Citizen Kane ( of bad movies" by some critics.[126] ([127] ([128] ( Though the film's star, writer, producer, and director Tommy Wiseau (, has claimed it is a black comedy ( (and thus the film's numerous flaws are intentional), other actors involved in the production have denied this, saying that Wiseau intended it to be a melodramatic ( romance.[129] ( The Room has been noted for its bizarre and out-of-place lines, protracted sex scenes, various subplots that are inadequately resolved or simply disappear altogether (most notably, a character announces that she has breast cancer, but this is never mentioned again), nonsensical exterior shots (one scene features three establishing shots during its duration), and infamous use of green-screen ( for "outdoor" rooftop scenes. It has gained a cult status, and regularly sells out midnight viewings at theaters in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. It made its broadcast premiere as an April Fools' Day ( special in 2009 on Cartoon Network ('s Adult Swim ( block, edited down from its original R rating to a TV-14/DSLV rating. The day after its appearance, its DVD became the top-selling independent film ( on ( It has garnered a cult following similar to The Rocky Horror Picture Show (,[130] ( and in June 2010, The Room started playing at the American Film Institute ([131] ( Mystery Science Theater 3000 ( alumni Michael J. Nelson (, Kevin Murphy (, and Bill Corbett ( produced an audio commentary track to accompany the movie through their site RiffTrax (



How Bad/Good is this movie?Notable in part for not featuring any trolls (the antagonists are goblins from the town of Nilbog — which is goblin ( spelled backwards), the film also has no relation to the original Troll (, which was also critically panned.[80] ( Not only one of the "least scary horror movies ever", according to Yahoo! Movies (, but "by pretty much any measure... one of the worst films ever made".[81] ( Director Claudio Fragasso ( (who used the pseudonym Drake Floyd for his work on the film) has maintained for twenty years that the film is a "masterpiece". Despite the script being written in awkward language (Fragasso and his wife Rosella Drudi, native Italians, spoke virtually no English when they wrote the script), Fragasso insisted the American actors deliver the lines as written. The goblins in the movie are dwarfs ( wearing burlap sacks and latex masks. Campy ( acting, confusing plot twists and unintentional homosexual innuendos have contributed to give the movie a cult status comparable to The Rocky Horror Picture Show ( Nearly twenty years after its release, the movie's child star, Michael Stephenson, made a documentary about the film titled Best Worst Movie (, released to critical success in 2009.



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