Past Meetup

The REAL Taichi: Myth-busting, trial class, and demo


Thanks for the great response in June. This intro session is for July.


Think about the popularity of hockey in Canada, or football in America… and multiply that by 10 times. That was the prestige of Taichi in ancient China. Why and how? This session will explain it all, and let you experience it yourself.

Real Taichi is much more than ‘old people moving slowly in parks’. It is a complete system that includes deep knowledge of self-healing, superior martial art, Taoist/Buddhist philosophy, and mastery of the Chi (life-energy). Indeed, ancient practitioners included royalty, senior military officials, and who’s who in Chinese society.

Fast forward to today, and you see celebrities like Jet Li and Keanu Reeves producing movies dedicated to showcasing Taichi. And even those do not cover the full scope of the art.

This session will have 3 parts:

1) Half-hour of presenting Taichi history, truths and myths. Includes videos of Taichi as depicted in kung-fu movies, such as those starring Jet Li, and experiments to prove Chi (life-energy).

2) Half-hour of trial Chi-gong class (standing meditation and relaxing movements). Almost 100% of you will activate and feel your own Chi.

3) 10-20 mins for a short Taichi demo, and Q&A

Fee: By donation, suggested amount $5-20

I am also organizing a 2-Monday crash course starting the week after. (fee: $40) Please let me know if you're interested.

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