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TorontoVR 48 -Mixed Reality Museum in Kyoto + Multiplayer Game Projection
TorontoVR 48 - Talk - Mixed Reality Museum in Kyoto + Multiplayer Game Projection for Cartier “MR Museum in Kyoto” solves several challenges faced by traditional museums. Through HoloLens, the process of learning about The Folding Screen of Funin and Raijin becomes experiential and interactive. Historical components are given new context—in full, volumetric 3D—within the physical temple, enabling a more effective communication of detailed or complex concepts than traditional text or video can deliver. In May 2018, Cartier held a party for the Cartier Santos watch collection. At the party, a multiplayer game was projected. The talk will addresses the technical and aesthetic challenges related to visual effects(particle systems, procedural animations), shader programming, performance optimisation, etc. Yuma Yanagisawa is a Japanese digital artist living in Toronto who explores the dramatic world of creative computation. He creates immersive interactive installations and experimental films with real-time computer graphics. His work investigates the possibilities of code-based illustrations, photorealistic visuals, and their connection in visual art. The subjects of his work are relevant to issues in modern society, such as environmental concerns. Yanagisawa also creates interactive spatial experiences, where various disciplines from music to architecture are amalgamated. As such, he often collaborates with people who have expertise in different and related areas. His collaborative work “Interfering Floating Bodies” was exhibited at KENPOKU Art in 2016 and also awarded several prizes including Creative Hack Award issued by Wired Japan. Along with his artistic practice, Yanagisawa works as a freelance creative coder. He has worked on a wide range of projects such as interactive installations and apps in virtual and augmented reality. He created a multiplayer airplane game projection for Cartier, when they held a party in Tokyo in 2018 to celebrate the Cartier Santos watch collection. His commissions help him develop his technical and aesthetic skills and expand his awareness of contemporary issues. VR DEMOS - Please bring anything you would like to share! In the early days of the TorontoVR community it was not uncommon to see six or more laptops and Oculus Rift DK1’s out at each event. People sharing their projects ( alpha / prototypes / experiments / final projects ) was one of the most exciting parts about the community. As VR requirements increased it became incredibly difficult for people to share their work at events as they would have to bring a high pc. Thanks to VRPlayin ( we will have dedicated machines at each event for people to share their work. If anyone has demo’s, prototypes, experiments or projects they wish to share that work on the VIVE all you have to do is bring your project on a USB drive! 7:00 Open Demos / Social 7:15 Talk 1 9:30 Social Food and Drink at Liberty Commons 42 Liberty St, Toronto, ON M6K 0C4 Virtual Reality Demos ( Please Bring Your VR Demo and Hardware ^_^ ) If you own an Oculus Rift , GearVR, VIVE, Google Cardboard, Day Dream, Holo Lens... we invite you to bring it along and, if you have created or are working on unique games or apps, you will be able to present them to fellow VR fans.

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