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VRC -- Virtual Reality - Continuum / Community / Creators

So what the heck does the C stand for?

C = Continuum

Virtuality Continuum - The virtuality continuum is a continuous scale ranging between the completely virtual, a virtuality, and the completely real, reality. As a group we are interested in exploring the continuum and the experiences made possible by the ever evolving landscape opened up by new advancements in this field.

Continuum of people, skills, perspectives

C = Community

A space focused on members sharing

C = Creators

Primarily people interested in creating

Game Designers / Developers, Artists, Film Makers and Curiosity Seekers are all welcome to come join the Toronto - virtual reality community. VRC is a monthly event for the VR community in Toronto where we can share, learn, discuss, connect and explore the potential of Virtual Reality!



Dark Slope Studios

VR Playin

Past events (60)

Toronto VRC 59 -- Photogrammetry, VR, and Archaeology

213 Sterling Rd

Toronto VRC 58 - SlugterraVR and Virtual Productions

213 Sterling Rd

Toronto VRC 57 - Getting it done ( AR / VR )

213 Sterling Rd

Toronto VRC 56 - ART Gate VR

7 Fraser Ave

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