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☐ Do you struggle to spend quality time with your family because of constant distraction from your smartphone?
☐ Are you overwhelmed by the 24/7 news cycle with its never-ending negative news?
☐ Do you feel anxious over how you are perceived on your social media profiles?
☐ Are you READY to take CONTROL of your digital life?

Welcome to Toronto’s Digital Wellness Meetup group!



Digital wellness refers to the state of our physical and mental health in the digital age.

As technology evolves and our time is increasingly spent online, we must learn to adapt and overcome the dangers of digital dependence. The attention economy is designing irresistible experiences online, from addictive video games to endless social media feeds to increasingly attract and engage users.


Toronto’s Digital Wellness Meetup group is for individuals interested in improving their digital lives by practising healthy use of technology.

Through events, workshops, challenges, and one-on-one coaching opportunities, fellow digital wellness enthusiasts will learn in depth about digital wellness, get inspired to start their own digital wellness journey, and feel empowered to take control of their digital lives.

We are committed to building a thriving community for digital wellness enthusiasts come together to learn, inspire, and empower each other’s journey towards a healthy digital life.

What are you waiting for? Join our meetup group, and be part of the digital wellness revolution!!!

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Email: digitalwellnesscoach@gmail.com


Website: mehretbiruk.com (http://mehretbiruk.com/)

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Mehret Biruk is a digital wellness coach with a passion to teach, inspire and empower individuals to discover the pleasures of the offline world.

A long time critic of the attention economy, Mehret began her journey towards digital wellness back in 2013 when she deleted her Instagram, Tumblr, and Snapchat accounts to take back control of her time and attention. She understood instinctively the psychologically invasiveness and addictive nature of social media platforms.

That decision jump-started her interest in learning more about how social media, our digital devices, and the Internet in general impacts our social, psychological, and physical well-being, and what we can do about it.

Based on her experience and personal journey, Mehret wants to help others discover the art of digital wellness, and the joy of unplugging from the online world. She has been sharing the lessons she has learned along her journey on her personal blog, minimallyonline.com (http://minimallyonline.com/).

Mehret has her MA in Sociology. Her background includes, research, mental health, peer counselling, program coordination, and community leadership.

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