What we're about

Products and services. Roles and job titles. Frameworks and methodologies. These are boxes that structure and limit our thinking. But we are not about these boxes. Our passion is about the future we build, about people and positively impacting their lives.

We break boundaries, connect dots, find meaning. We solve problems. We create value for people and organizations. We create digital journeys and experiences. We imagine a better future.

We are technologists, designers, analysts, engineers, scientists, artists, leaders and odd balls. Diversity and inclusivity is at the heart of who we are and who we design for.

Join us on our journey of innovation and change, in this inaugural talk series, as we bring the best and brightest speakers in an interactive format designed to engage, inspire and transform.

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Ethical Design

ThoughtWorks Berlin Deutschland GmbH

'Why' Technology? Emerging Interactions and Ethics

ThoughtWorks Berlin Deutschland GmbH

Creative AI - the emerging role of AI in Art and Design

ThoughtWorks Berlin Deutschland GmbH

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