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What we’re about

NOTE: As we expand our community to more cities in Sweden, we've merged this group with IBM Tech Talk & Labs (previously IBM Workshops&Labs). So come join this group where all our future Stockholm meetups will be held,

Have you ever questioned how your digital music service recommends a new song that perfectly fits your taste? Have you been baffled by the impact of cryptocurrencies and wanted to understand the underlying blockchain technology? Have you been intrigued by the concept of cloud; an abstract yet physical location(-s) for your most valuable data? 

Through the impact of big tech companies and local innovators, these technologies are evolving our society. Are you one that aspires to realise your idea or guide your team, company or organisation forward? Then go ahead and join one of our events where we dissect the most promising technologies through the lens of business. Together with IBM and friends, you will take part of inspiring lectures and tutorials to build your skills. You will be encouraged to master the technology of today and climb the frontlines Towards the Tech of Tomorrow.