What we're about

This is a meetup for all the existing, budding and aspiring toy designers based in and around London!

Given recent innovations in 3D printing, CNCing, CAD design and so on, becoming an independent toy designer is easier than ever before. We thought it would be a good idea to get together occasionally and discuss ideas and how we can bring our concepts and ambitions to life!

Whether it be board games, action figures, construction toys, games and puzzles, remote controlled vehicles or anything else, we live in a time where bringing projects to fruition is a process that no longer requires huge budgets or large companies, all we are missing is a forum in which to sit and discuss our ideas over a few drinks and snacks.

We will have regular access to the world's largest 3D printing store - iMakr - in Clerkenwell, and we can use their facilities to prototype designs, and give life to our ideas in an affordable and effective manner.

Let's get together and get designing!

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The DIGICAL Show - Day Two

Parsons Green

The DIGICAL Show - Day One

Parsons Green

Meet London Toy Designers

iMakr Store

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