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I will be hosting on Zoom the meditation events every Wednesday evening at 6pm PT
I am a Reiki Master of Dr. Usui and Holy Fire I will be discussing spirituality, energy healing, tones and chants and crystals. I want you to come away with the tools necessary to start a daily meditation to improve your health and wellness. Davidji the author of The secrets of meditation RPM (rise, pee, meditate) and RAW (right after work) in his book he describes that by doing activities such as showering, brushing teeth, or driving home from work are deeply ingrained habits that don’t require effort or forethought. They are known as instrumental tasks. By linking your meditation to one of these tasks, the effort needed to initiate the meditation session is significantly reduced. When you meditate the health benefits prevent age related brain structure deterioration, increased memory capacity, regulating your mood, slowing the aging process, reducing chronic inflammation, and increases immunity.
Anyone can join in and I highly encourage anyone who has been wanting to start meditating more to join.

Past events (6)

Modesto Holistic Chamber of Commerce

109 Drake Ave

Reiki Level 1 & 2

Flow Yoga and Wellness Studio

Guided Meditation

Online event

Wednesday Meditation

Online event