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Have you been looking at making extra income trading forex? Or have you been trading forex without any success?

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Trading the financial market instruments especially on your own can be very confusing and intimidating as price action changes every second due to the different information that drive the markets. Therefore, being able to make better trading decisions, and making them more quickly and efficiently, is crucial to trading success.

TradersER - Traders' Emergency Room, is dedicated to helping individual retail traders mitigate risk and maximize potential profits, by providing an easy-to-use “emergency room” in the form of an online social platform that connects them with qualified, live financial market experts worldwide for immediate help.

Our mission is simply to help you become a “market wizard” in your own right, by providing whatever help you need along the journey of becoming a profitable, successful trader.

Retail traders will be able to chat for free with Analyst of their choice. Complementary to the online platform, the TradersER MatchUp Atlanta is an extension of TradersER.com online platform, that brings together professional traders and retail traders looking for trading advice, guidiance or a mentor. We'll bring together professional traders, forex instructors and retail traders as well as newbies. Hopefully you’ll find your perfect mentor to get you started in the trading business or take your known knowlege to the next level.

Start networking now by creating a FREE profile on TradersER.com (https://traderser.com/)!

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