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Shamanic Healing Circle
The main purpose of shamanic practice is to cultivate the Inner Knowledge that enables us to live in harmony and at peace with own self, each other and All That Is. This starts with direct experience or observation of the inner states of our being that shape the outer reality, ie our emotions, thoughts, beliefs, etc. This weekly shamanic healing circle offers a combination of guided shamanic meditation (known as shamanic journeying) with other energy healing techniques from the Toltecs, the Andean Tradition and the Tao Healing System working directly with the energy body (chakras) and the vital organs to re-centre, ground and re-energise. Each week, I offer a shamanic healing meditation with energy transmissions channeled directly through Source dependent on the needs and for the greatest good of all participants. During the shamanic healing meditation, you are guided into a state of deep relaxation or altered awaness to connect with deeper aspects of yourselves and explore situations or repeated patterns in your life. With the assistance of your Higher Self and Spirit Guides, these previously unconscious or hidden aspects of come into conscious awareness to be healed, transformed or rebalanced. If you are new to shamanism, I will be providing all the necessary information in advance on the evening. Experienced practitioners will have the opportunity to deepen their shamanic practice. Please bring with you a notebook and pen for making notes. As the venue holds up to 8 participants, please email me in advance at [masked] to book your place. The exchange of energy is 15 pounds (12 for low income) paid on the day. In Love & Gratitude Maya Awakening the Wisdom of the Heart ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ABOUT MAYA Maya is a Shamanic Healer and Women's Holistic Practitioner supporting others in aligning their life path and healing journey with their soul's calling in the Now. As an intuitive, she helps you release energetic blockages, limiting beliefs, heavy emotions and come into alignment with your authentic self in the Now. Maya also does a lot of work with women to help them reconnect with their feminine nature. In particular, she is offering womb healing sessions to release stagnant or heavy energy that may affect their fertility or health, harmonize naturally their menstrual cycle and regain their confidence and self esteem. In addition to Shamanic Healing, Maya is a Usui Reiki Master / Teacher and she also offers Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage. She regularly holds meditation classes, healing workshops and women's circles. For more information, please visit: ----- TESTIMONIALS "What a powerful, intense and deep meditation, Maya! Amazing energy! Thank you!" --- "Thank you to everyone who was at this event- it was an amazing group to be part of, so welcoming and open. And thank you Maya for leading this. I think it's something my soul's been needing for a while & which I will definitely continue with. It felt like a step in the right direction towards healing & towards the life I see for myself. "

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Our regular events include New Moon Healing Circles working with the energy of Here & Now to awaken our intuitive knowledge, the wisdom of the heart as a pathway for our soul's evolution and shifting consciousness.

Our Full Moon Women's Healing Circle is a collective of women weaving beautiful change!

When women gather in true sisterhood and connect with the Sacred Feminine that exists within us all, we can move mountains! Join our monthly circle to heal the wombspace, reclaim our power of creativity and dream a new dream.

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I am a holistic practitioner weaving together shamanic journeying with energy healing techniques from the toltec and andean/ inka tradition as well as hypnotherapy, reiki and abdominal massage (chi nei tsang) to support a beautiful healing process of Self transformation and empowerment. For more information, please visit:

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