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Looking for a new way to experience the nature? Hike with Trail Adventours (http://www.trailadventours.com/)! Trail Adventours is a hiking group in the Philippines that offers outdoor activities and hiking packages. The goal of Trail Adventours is to accompany outgoing people in their local and international mountain escapades. The team has some of the most dynamic and experienced tour guides who will let the mountaineers see the world in a much better perspective through educating the travelers about the beauty of nature.

Trail Adventours offers hiking packages on these mountains:

• Mt. Maculot (http://www.trailadventours.com/philippine-mountains/Mt-Maculot)

• Mt. Batulao (http://www.trailadventours.com/philippine-mountains/Mt-Batulao)

• Mt. Apo (http://www.trailadventours.com/philippine-mountains/Mt-Apo)

• Mt. Pulag (http://www.trailadventours.com/philippine-mountains/Mt-Pulag)

• Sagada (http://www.trailadventours.com/philippine-mountains/Sagada)

• Taal (http://www.trailadventours.com/philippine-mountains/Taal)

• Mt. Makiling Traverse (http://www.trailadventours.com/philippine-mountains/mt-makiling-traverse)

• Mt. Talamitam (http://www.trailadventours.com/philippine-mountains/mt-talamitam)

• Maragondon Range (http://www.trailadventours.com/philippine-mountains/maragondon-range-with-bonifacio)

• Mt. Pinatubo (http://www.trailadventours.com/philippine-mountains/mt-pinatubo)

• and many others...

Trail Adventours don’t just hike mountains, they also help people in need. They share their profits to indigenous communities they come across by. They have a 1 Book Project that donates books, supplies and toys to children in the mountains. Trail Adventours also gives to certain non-profit organizations to support their environmental advocacies. Since most of the members of Trail Adventours are musically inclined, they also donate to a local band in Parañaque. If you want to meet new friends and discover more about nature, join Trail Adventours in one of their hikes. Their packages are complete with transportation, accommodation, IDs and many more. Contact Trail Adventours at (+632) 8023401 or (+63917) 5827517 for more details.

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