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What we’re about

Arizona is one of the best places to go hiking and visit the great outdoors. At Trail Mix Hiking, we hope to bring together those like minded individuals who share a passion for hiking and want to experience nature.  We invite those folks dedicated to enjoying the wilderness and respecting our environment, and of course... hiking!

Below you'll find a list of our group policies and various information pages. Be sure to familiarize yourself with them before joining our group and certainly before attending your first event.

  • We have a strict Code of Conduct that we expect all members to adhere to.
  • We have information for new hikers on what to expect and how to be prepared for our events.
  • We have information about where our regular hikes are located and the rating system I use.
  • We hike both weekends and midweek. I know not everyone can join us for midweek hikes, but we like them a lot so understand when we do these that you're welcome to come on our frequent weekend outings.
  • If you would like to volunteer to lead an event, here are my expectations for trail leaders and how to get started as an event organizer. If after reading both pages you're still interested, step up and let me know!
  • If you'd like information about local hikes, we have compiled some links for parks and preserves in the valley.
  • Hiking is an inherently dangerous activity. Whether you RSVP or not, by accompanying us on events you and your guests agree to this waiver and attend at your own risk!
  • Be sure to include an actual recognizable photograph of yourself in your profile that clearly shows your face. Invalid profile photos include nature scenes, cartoons, pictures of your children/dog, blurry shots, pictures of your feet, wearing a mask or covering up with hats and sunglasses, showing the back of your head, micro pictures or group photos (i.e. it's not clear which one is you). This policy is primarily for our safety and yours. We meet lots of strangers in remote places, so it helps to know who we're looking for when we gather at a trailhead. Also if you get lost on the trail, we want to show the rescue party who to look for. Finally we're all about being friendly, and it's way more sociable to show yourself so we can greet you properly at our next event. So quit hiding and post a picture in your profile before you join. If you're stuck, here's a link about how to add and manage your meetup photos.