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For those interested in healing through running. It’s proven running makes you happy. If your going through a tough life struggle, addiction, loss of loved one, depression or anxieties. I believe running can help and it’s been my experience that runners are a very supporting group of people. Knowing that running and other running groups has helped me I want to start a running group on meetup to see if others would be interested in a running support group focused on helping each other out with the next race or the next life hurdle. The runs will be once a week on Tuesday afternoon 6:00pm Start of with some stretching then head down a trail for 30 minutes,stop and then head back to the starting point for the last 30 minutes for a total of an hour run. The goal will be to make your halfway point a little further each time.

Past events (4)

Johnny Cash Tuesday Training

7-11 Parking Lot

CIM training

Gold Country Running

Snipes-Pershing park run

Norma Hamlin Park (AKA: Snipes Park)

Snipes Out and Back

Norma Hamlin Park (AKA: Snipes Park)

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