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What we’re about

Join a group of fun-loving people based in London who enjoy hiking, walking, and being outdoors.

Hiking with us is an adventure where we admire the beauty of nature, discover new places, as well as have a good time together outdoors. Most of our members are in their 20s and 30s - or else are young at heart - and live and work in or around London. As London is an international city, our hiking group consists of nationalities from across the globe. Our hiking trips are a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. So, if you are into hiking, walking, and outdoor activities then join Trailblazer London. Bring the spirit of adventure!

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Our fun-filled hiking adventures take us throughout the UK and across Europe. There are beautiful hiking trails across the woods and rolling countryside of the southeast of England outside London. And our hiking weekends further afield have ranged from Britain's scenic national parks to picturesque islands in the Atlantic and Mediterranean. Trailblazer London offers a wealth of scenic hiking experiences.

We've hiked magnificent mountains on our outdoors adventures over these past years. See our group on the way up Britain's highest mountain, Ben Nevis:

There's been beautiful scenery on our hikes. See the bluebells in blossom on the Ashridge Estate:

And pretty much all the time our outdoors adventures are a lot of fun:

We hike for the enjoyment of it and it's also great for our fitness and general wellbeing. While we have fun meeting new people and being outdoors we also take pleasure from the fact that it's good for our health too.

The most important skill for any hiking group is the ability to read a map and find their way through complex terrain. With in excess of 250 hikes led by us, safely and successfully, over a number of years, we have considerable experience in this most important of outdoors abilities.  

Sometimes you might find a quirky signpost like this one which is located along one of our hiking routes. With our hikes you can be sure we know our way through the great outdoors! 

Sometimes a Trailblazer outdoors adventure might come across a magnificent building or monument from the past. This is the 19th Century Balcombe Viaduct that we have walked beneath on a number of our hikes:

We find all sorts of unusual outdoors locations on our hikes that serve as excellent icebreakers and get conversation flowing, especially if you are new to the group.  This is a privet bush shaped like a cat that we sometimes pass by on another of our hiking adventures:

Just sign up to any hike and turn up on the day, often at a convenient mainline London station. Hiking with us is enjoyable and straightforward. If it is your first time hiking with Trailblazer London you can be sure of a warm welcome from the group. Each hike sees a sociable mix of newcomers as well as people who return regularly to enjoy the great outdoors.

Trailblazer also has partner outdoors groups that it has allied with over the years. These are The Trail and Trail Adventurers with whom we run hiking trips together.

For further information about safety on our hiking and outdoors adventure trips please visit:

What this exciting London-based hiking and outdoors activities group is all about:

Hiking, walking, adventure, being outdoors, fitness, recreation, climbing mountains, exercise and fun, sports, and perhaps most important of all,

making new friends!

Who to contact: Tania and Kieran (hiking group organisers)

Trailblazer London - Hiking, Walking, and Outdoor Adventure

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