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Tyee Lodge candle making class
Dec[masked] (Fri-Sat-Sun) – Tyee Lodge candle making class Just in time to put you in the Christmas spirit, join two guest experts as they help you make and decorate candles starting Saturday! We will supply the bees wax and wicks and ability to melt and dye the wax. Wax takes time to set, so we highly recommend you stay the night and use Sunday to decorate the candle or just to make sure it transports home safely. Need to be in and out in a day? The lodge day use fee is just $3 per person. You should bring fancy containers for container candles, or the cylinders from juice concentrate or the small milk cartons. If you are pulling off pillar candles, we should have some gold and silver foil tissue paper for wrapping them. If you want scented candles, please bring your favorite essential oils or other high quality fragrance! Cost! The biggest single expense is the bees wax. So we will initially promise 10oz of wax and the supplies to make candles for each $10. The better deal we get on wax the more there will be at the event for the money. We should have more wax available for purchase if you want to make more or bigger candles. 10oz of wax will make a big candle or several small ones. Kids are welcome. We will be buying supplies, and so ask that you pay $10 per participant at least one week in advance (not refundable) to cover costs. You can send $10 to [masked] (via PayPal!). Please include a note on who the deposit is for. *** Staying at the lodge *** Member and guest rates apply for a night's stay ($25 for adult guests, $15 for adult members, $15 for guest children, and $5 for member's children). We have a family cap - member family pay no more than $40 for a night, guest families pay no more than $60 for a night. The lodge sleeps 22 in the men's dorm and 22 in the women's dorm. We have electricity/full kitchen/flush toilets. If this event is popular then we may provide food $8 for dinner, $5 for lunch/breakfast, children are half price. Check back in shortly before the event to confirm this. Otherwise we have a full kitchen and you can bring and prepare your own meals. The TCO is a community - we clean up together and restock the firewood together and play board games together and meals generally are a community event. Please play well with others. Bring a sleeping bag and pillow, we have mattresses. Exact lodge open and closing times will be updated later or contact the hosts for more details. Host Nathen, email me [masked] How to get to the lodge!!! (these directions always work even if the West Leg road is blocked for the winter) 1. Head to Government Camp. 2. Take the left up to Timberline Lodge a. There might be line of cars stopped right at the turn from Highway 26. As soon as you can speak to a flagger, tell them you are going to Tyee Lodge and not to Timberline. Some flaggers don’t know there is a Tyee Lodge, tell them it is next to the boy scout lodge. b. They will waive you through c. About 0.25 miles up the road, you will see a parking area to your right. Park there, and not in a Do Not Park section d. This is your first opportunity to park, and there won’t be another one for miles so you won’t confuse it 3. The lodge is across the road, about a quarter mile walk slightly uphill a. Walk to the bottom of the parking area (towards Government Camp) and then cross the road when it is clear b. You will see a little trail and rope to get you up the bank c. At the top of the bank you will see a trail left – take it. The trail right goes to the boy scout lodge. d. Follow the ropes to your left up to the lodge 4. It is generally a trip you only want to make 1-2 times so pack accordingly

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