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Finding a workout place abroad is not easy task, isn't it? When it comes to Japan, it gets worse because the private fitness industry worships the membership-based system.

On the other hands, the fitness gym in community center offers "hourly" rate (i mean per 2 hours, 3 hours, or daily usually depends on the community center you choose) and it's very cheap.

As we know that Tokyo consists of 23 wards, and each ward has several community centers. And most community center allows the access to nonresident. Most importantly, it cost only about 500 yen. The gym that I usually use is about 300 yen.

"OneCoin Training"

The reason that I am creating this group is because simply sometimes you(I) need a training partner. You can see this as a "spot" training partner initiative.

I train because it makes me energized biochemically (e.g., endorphins) and mentally.

Not all people or I would say most people do not live fitness centric life.

So I believe the key is that how much we can integrate fitness in our life style without creating unnecessary pressure or stress to ourselves.

Simply saying do not make fitness itself such a big deal. Never loose your objective. If beginning to be so then be away from the training while and look for some other means to suffice your objective, I believe.

Training style:
- Resistance training using e.g., free weight and machine
- Stability training e.g., using balance disk, etc.
And, no cardio :)

Any community center in Tokyo or Kanagawa or Chiba (?), allows the access to nonresident.
Written in Japanese (some translated in English) but here are some.

I don't ask for any fee but just pay for the ticket at the community center by yourself, which depends on the community center we choose.

Basically, any age, but if you are under 16 years old then you may not be allowed to use the community center gym.

About me:
Graduated from univ in USA. After working at several companies as IT related consultant (niche career, most probably not familiar with), since beginning of 2019, stepped into new phase of IT related professional career.

NSCA(National Strength and Conditioning Association)-Certified Personal Trainer.

- I will not do personal training session, but as a training partner, it is natural to see some training skill or knowledge sharing.
- We shall follow the rule posted by the community center. Sometime the rule is very "Japanese like" but you will get used to it soon. Some rules are different from abroad but not that big deal.
- By joining this group, you accept full responsibility for your own health and well-being AND you acknowledge an understanding that no responsibility is assumed by the leaders or organizers of the program or group.

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