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The mall. Is there any place more representative of american culture? Is there anything more american than a bunch of friends old & new getting together to be seen, share the love, & maybe try on a few outfits?

This year I decided to socially transition. For years I tried to trade my identity for security, but there's a point where you have to stand up and lift your voice. For me that time is now.

I won't hide, not now when we have so much to gain and so much to lose. Trans rights are human rights are universal rights. We are not a fad, we cannot be legislated away, and we cannot be erased.

Come out for an afternoon of love, respect, bonding, validation, and shopping!

All are welcome! All are valid!

The Plan:
Meet at the Mall of America in the East Broadway court around 11:30AM
Visibility walk at 12PM - Starting at the Sears court and ending at the Bloomingdales court
Shop-In Post Walk- If you'd like to stay, get to know members of the community, shop, hit up the food court, or go to Camp Snoopy, all are welcome!

For those that are hesitant to come out, this is not intended to be a protest. We are not seeking conflict. This is an event to show the world that we are here, we have always been here, and we will not be bullied into hiding. Coming together to shop is a basic american experience, and I hope this can help people to feel safer to express themselves in public spaces, to try on cute clothes, and maybe add a little to the wardrobe that affirms their identity.

This event was inspired by WeWontBeErasedMN. That day was an important moment in my journey to self-acceptance. Seeing other members of the community out, surrounded by friends, defiant and unapologetic inspired me to come out fully. The world keeps getting better, but it doesn't change on its own.

I look forward to seeing you on February 23rd!

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