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What we're about

As a trauma survivor and thriver, I invite you to step into circle with your sisters to explore gentle and nurturing ways to reconnect with your body as a woman, release trauma memory and move towards being fully embodied in your emotional and spiritual life.Unhealed traumas can weigh us down, keep us dormant and prevent us from living a fulfilling and happy life.

It is the remnants of trauma that prevent us from reaching our greatest potential and experiencing our highest self.

Transcending Trauma will unite you with others who are starting the same path as you. Together, we can carry the weight of our past and open ourselves up to the potential of healing those wounds, as one, in circle, in power, in love and in understanding, for our present and future selves.

What can I expect?
In Transcending Trauma, you will:
• Be reunited with your sisterhood in a held and safe space where you can be truly seen and heard
• Be guided through some gentle, powerful practices for releasing trauma memory and blockages from the body
• Experience subtle practices using breath, movement and sound to access profound and lasting healing
• Receive and work with your own wolf crystal for mental and spiritual health
• Receive your own self-care package to take home
• Start your journey to reclaim your body and sexuality as a strong and powerful woman.Gain access to the Transcending Trauma private facebook group

Who is this workshop for?
All women.
There is not a woman on this earth who hasn't experienced trauma. We all carry around micro level traumas, and sometimes macro level traumas, and this workshop is not about WHAT you have been through but HOW you can rebuild your identity, reclaim your sexuality, reawaken the wild woman within you and reaffirm your powerful place in this world.

If you are currently experiencing severe and debilitating mental ill health, please contact Kate to explore if this is the right time for you to enter this space and/or how we can accommodate your needs to make the space particularly safe for you
As a survivor, let us help heal each others’ wounds.

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