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Now is your time! Stop waiting. Stop looking for the perfect time. YOUR TIME IS NOW. Yes you, the person reading this sentence. Think about all the ideas that cross your mind from time to time such as starting a business, returning to school, joining the gym, eating healthy, or living a more fulfilled balanced life; but you confidently find excuses to put it off. Why? Is it fear, finances, family commitments, or you're not sure how to take the first. Hear me. You are not alone. The number one obstycals standing between you and the realization of your goals is YOU.

If anything, I said above describes you and your current life situation, come join me for a vision board workshop on February, 17th at 3:00 p.m. I will be sharing parts of my journey including why I decided to quit my Fortune 100 job to pursue my passion for helping people. Additionally, I will be sharing some tools needed to turn your vision on a board into a reality in your life.

There are two types of people in the world. People who have a vision for their lives and living on purpose OR those that are passing time without joy, passion or aspiration. Which person are? Come join us.

My name is Sakinah Osborne,M.S. I am a clinical mental health counselor with experience with working with diverse populations. My mission is to ignite change into the lives of women around the world to reclaim victory over self-doubt and irrational thinking through various counseling techniques, mindfulness meditation, and intentional decision making.

Location: Building CO. Brickell, FL
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