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Do you feel that you have lost direction? Frustrated? No motivation? Sitting at a crossroad?

This workshop is your you. Together we work through your direction. Understand our past, heal it and create a new beginning

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Unblock your potential

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It has come to my belief that our life goes in cycles of seven. Within these cycles are events that can either shake us to the core or we can miss them completely until they present themselves later. As the years progress, we indeed develop and cultivate these traits and habits and before we know it, they become obvious in such a way that our lives have become affected by them. Some people have self-sabotaging personalities – they make the same mistakes over and over, and although others can see it, they do not. Unless they become aware of the seven cycles, they will never change. Together we are going to understand the threads you have cultivated. By understanding your seven-year cycle you will learn to re-programme your psyche so that you have the clarity to understand, firstly, why you do the things you do, and secondly, how to stop it. This workshop is based on Brigid’s book. $60 limited to 10 Email [masked] to book ”Hi Brigid, I just wanted to say thank you for the other day. I left with a huge weight off my shoulders and have had a better head space in relation to everything. Thanks for what you do x ”

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