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Let's Talk About...Love
A Monthly Meet Up dedicated to all things Love, Relationships, Dating, Romance & more! How would you feel to being a part of a community of wonderful people all committed to creating loving and healthy relationships in their lives and have the opportunity to connect with them in person once a month? Within this space, you will have the time to really bring your own experiences of love, romance, dating and relationships to a group of people all ready to listen to you and share with you their own experiences, all learning how to foster and support each other’s growth. In response to requests from the attendees of the ‘Transform Your Love Life from the Inside Out’ workshops, Life, Love & Relationship Coach, Arti Joshi has been inspired to create this monthly meet up dedicated to all things Love, Relationships, Dating and Romance. Once a month, a group of up to 15 will gather to share experiences, questions and more about your relationship experiences. This meeting is not just aimed at those who are single but also dating, in the early stages of relationships or even in much more established and committed relationships too, as we can all benefit from creating truly incredible relationships no matter what stage we are at with them. You will have the opportunity to take part individual and group exercises, meditations and I will set exercises and challenges for you to practice and try-out on a monthly basis, reporting back within a safe and secure, members-only Facebook group as well as in the following month’s meet up. If you’re ready to begin creating truly wonderful healthy and loving relationships in your life with the support of a loving community and your very own tribe of vision keepers and cheerleaders then join us at The Islington Town House on Monday 21st January from 7 pm to 9 pm to begin! As part of this booking, you will receive registration to the January meet up as well as access to the ‘Let’s Talk About…Love’ private members Facebook group for continued support and resource carefully managed by Arti.

The Islington Town House

13 Liverpool Road, N1 0RW · London


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    What we're about

    Do you feel truly ready to meet your soul mate and commit to a deeper level of partnership?

    Do you find that no matter all your efforts, true love continues to elude you? Are you ready to finally experience and create happy and healthy love in your life?

    If your answer to the above questions are all “yes!” and you feel that something, somewhere needs to change, you have come to the right place.

    More often than not, we tend to look at our failures in love as something external, as “out there” that we just cannot control. We feel as if everything, all of our experiences and heartbreak are happening to us and not through us. We do not give ourselves the time and opportunity to look within to see where these experiences may have been sourced from and therefore we fall victim to history and wounds repeating themselves to no end.

    Transform Your Love Life from the Inside Out will give you the opportunity to really dive deep into this area of your life and start to uncover the mysteries and pervasive patterns that have had more of a hold on your life than you have had on them.

    This meetup group will allow you the opportunity to identify and release the hidden blocks and barriers to love. No longer will your search for love rely on an external source, it will all be from within you and what a source of power that is!

    As a certified Love & Relationship Coach for Singles who has been personally trained and mentored by the author of the New York Times Bestseller Calling in "The One", Katherine Woodward Thomas, I will be able to guide you to help identify and release your inner obstacles to love, evolve beyond the painful patterns of your past and become powerfully magnetic to the right partner for you.

    Take a look at the upcoming meetups to see just how you can begin this process!

    Wishing you Love. Light. Miracles.
    Arti xxx

    Life, Love & Relationship Coach
    Event Host & Operations Manager of Smudged Lipstick Dating


    "I was struggling with intimate relationships in my early adulthood. I was closed emotionally, I wasn't comfortable expressing my feelings and my intentions. I needed some clarity to understand and release the blocks, which were holding me back from creating a fulfilling relationship I really desire. I was very happy that I could join Arti's programme. We went deep in these intense 7 weeks, week by week a bit deeper. Arti supported me each week and when I had any questions, she was more than happy to jump on a call with me and guide me. I am grateful for that. Thanks to the process and Arti's coaching, I feel I am transformed in many aspects: I am much more open emotionally, I connect better with myself and others. I feel that lots of blocks that were holding me back, were broken down and I am free. Interestingly since the program, I meet women who are also more open and free emotionally, and we can happily connect with each other on a deep level. Arti has a profound knowledge and experience and if you are looking for an outstanding coach to guide you through a real emotional and transformational journey, Arti is a super choice." ~ Gabor, 33

    "Arti is truly gifted at quickly getting to the heart of the matter. She is compassionate, intuitive, and an excellent communicator. The experience was refreshing and nothing like any other coaching experience I’d previously experienced, it was on a much deeper level. One of the most valuable takeaways for me was my increase in self-awareness. The journey helped me to unpack what was important to me and to have the confidence to make changes to inauthentic relationships which were not in tune with my beliefs and values. I no longer feel drained and held back but instead happier, calmer and more confident and more equipped to handle difficult conversations. I am being truer to myself. Thank you, Arti!" ~ Robbyn, 39

    “I did the Calling in “The One” programme with Arti after I got to know her in person whilst travelling, I knew that she would be the right person to go on such a journey with. So when I heard about Arti’s coaching, I grabbed my chance to find out more about myself and the relationships I had in life and work to be prepared for the ones that are yet to come. In Arti I found a wonderful mentor, who gave me a secure feeling and understanding so that I found it easy to open up to her. She showed great respect in everything I told her, never being judgmental or trying to argue into a certain direction. She challenged me to dig deeper by asking the right questions at the right time. Sometimes they were hard to answer but more than anything I was amazed at how Arti picked up the essentials of what I tried to explain (which is even more difficult for her, since English is not my native language) and summarised it in a way that always helped me bring the many loose ends together and see the bigger picture. This has helped me a lot and I would say that Arti has a special talent at being a coach. All in all the personal coaching helped me to see things clearer, it helped me, with Arti’s support, to let go of things I had been stuck on for quite a while and it helped me find my way by giving me methods I can always use when I need. I would always recommend Arti if you are looking for a sensitive but challenging coach with lots of emotional intelligence. Keep on doing what you do, Arti!” ~ Juliet, 34

    Here are some of the experiences of previous workshop attendees...

    "Arti takes you on an immersive experience which helps you identify what is getting in the way of finding love. The atmosphere she creates takes you on a journey of discovery with a little self-care - a safe calming environment, beautiful music, delicious tea, a foodie treat and most importantly tools to identify your blockers to love and real actions to take away and start embedding in your life." ~ Michelle, 36

    "My group coaching experience with Arti was like a sunrise. It opened my mind and heart to the core of what she truly believes in, “To heal from the inside out” Arti's seemingly endless enthusiasm and uplifting spirit shone through the entire session and made me believe there are proactive changes I can make to achieve my goals. She asked all the right questions to help me look within and to meet other like-minded participants was encouraging and supporting, and the trust gained within the group made it very easy to share honestly from the heart." ~ Dipika, 32

    "The serene space instantly put me at ease, as did the selection of herbals teas! Hearing Arti's personal story, her reassuring voice and a friendly group setting made me feel safe and reassured I was not alone in my journey to find love. In fact, it was hugely insightful to hear the others' struggles. The tasks were simple but quite liberating. Despite not having read the Calling in “The One” book, I understood the concept and left feeling empowered knowing that love is a choice, not a consequence. I'll be recommending Arti's workshop to my friends - both male and female!” ~ Chrissy, 36

    "Arti created a beautiful nourishing and safe environment in which it was easy to delve deep into what keeps me from having the relationships I want in my life. I felt understood and supported and learned a lot about myself in just one evening." ~ Natasha, 32

    "Arti’s workshop provides a great introduction into Calling in “The One". Sharing her own personal story in the small group setting made it much easier for an introvert like myself to open up and share my own blocks to love. The group exercises make you feel like you're all in it together. The setting she creates is beautiful and she instantly makes you feel at ease. I would highly recommend her workshop." ~ Nayma, 32

    "If you truly want to stop yearning for the one and take action, this workshop is a must! Like many people I've read many books so know the theory, but this was different. The comforting feeling of being with like minded women, all open to possibilities was wonderful and reassuring. Arti's calm, warm manner and honesty is inspiring. Don't think about it.....sign up and experience it for yourself." ~ Claire, 45

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