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This set of practices will help to prepare our minds for the upcoming series of very special teachings from our Lama Namnang Mingjo Dorje Rinpoche, the 68th Lineage Holder of the Nagavara Raja Tradition.

These teachings will enable us to connect with the heart essence that existed at the time of Shakyamuni Buddha, and give us practical tools to quickly transform our body, mind, and life. These powerful methods that Mingjo Rinpoche will teach can help us steadily build up pure merits and virtues, and remove obstacles and afflictions.

For us to fully comprehend Rinpoche's upcoming teachings, and begin to cultivate, we need to prepare our minds. If we want to grow a plant of our favorite fruit, we need to provide the right conditions for the seed to germinate. We do so by tilling the soil, removing weeds, watering, fertilizing, and providing a sunny space. Similarly, our minds need to be prepared just like the soil to become open, stable, and peaceful for these profound teachings to begin to germinate. The practice is designed with methods provided by our Rinpoche to break our inner walls and make it vast and open to cultivation.

Both new students and experienced cultivators are welcome. There is no charge for the classes. Please RSVP if you plan to attend. Thanks!

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