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What we’re about

Welcome to Transform Yourself :)

This Meetup Community is a safe space for you to explore topics, express your ideas, and share your knowledge and experiences. It’s a place where you can learn to understand your emotions better, and where other members help you feel that you belong and that you are not alone. It is a place to see others and be seen for who you are. A place to find your voice. A community that supports you while you enjoy your journey.

You are important to the world. We are all connected. 

The goal is to talk about different areas that will support you to:

Understand the different types of relationships. Be fulfilled with your work. Accept your feelings. Keep yourself accountable. Have a solid ground in your life. Find your uniqueness in the middle of this intense world. Be yourself no matter what.


These are the rules for each session:

- Be on time.

- Be prepared to speak up

- Be willing to listen

- Respect others

- These sessions will be treated as confidential, it’s a safe space to talk and share your thoughts

- Be all IN and commit to the process


If you would like to propose topics for us to discuss together on the Meetup - Transform Yourself!, please send me a private message.


Looking forward to meeting you!

Keep connecting with others!

Big hugs, Claudia Gomes

ICF PCC Leadership and Transformational Coach, Trainer and Facilitator

You can find more information about my services and book your 30 minutes complimentary assessment session on the following link