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Breathe Fully = Live Fully

For thousands of years humans have understood the power of conscious breathing and how it can influence our well-being, yet we still find it difficult to believe how strong the link between our breathing and our physical and emotional health is.

Each of us have a unique breathing pattern that tells a story about our life, about our relationship to ourselves and the world around us. As we face in life difficult situations that influence our emotions, we often instinctively withdraw as a self-protective mechanism by holding or restricting our breath. What we are actually doing is suppressing or repressing the unwanted emotional energy of the experience into our bodies. Keeping it buried inside by adjusting our way of breathing, requires a lot of energy and creates chronic tension in our bodies, which will eventually manifest into a physical or psychological condition.

Even if we have been limiting our restricted breathing patterns our entire lives, these patterns can quickly be overcome and changed in just a few sessions of Transformational Breathing. Join this group and take part in our Transformational Breath® workshops.

This diaphragmatic breathing technique promotes a healthy open breath, and therefore physical energy and well-being, mental and emotional balance, a great connection to your authentic self and personal growth.

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