What we're about

Transformational Breathwork is your opportunity to enter into community with other willing, powerful souls, and do the beautiful, transformative work of uncovering your most amazing, authentic self. It’s time to shine MORE of your light into the world…the world is ready, are you?

It's time to let go...

How would your world be different if you allowed yourself to let go of things keeping you from feeling free? When was the last time you got to yell, dance, cry, laugh, vision, or shake out the “stuff” that keeps you from being your most authentic, vibrant self? What if it was that easy to grow into something more? What would it be like to be in a “safe space” where you could experience ALL of who you are...the light, the dark, the love, the raw power...without any judgment or fear of rejection? How would you move differently in a world without self-doubt, fear, old baggage, old anger, and old story?

What is it?

Transformational Breathwork was created by Melanie Lighthouser and Daniel Donovan. It is a merging of the training Melanie received through her Shamanic Breathwork Certification, the musical alchemy of Daniel's unique sound-healing sets, Access Consciousness and NLP clearing tools, and the combination of our practitioners' unique gifts of healing and expansion!

Purge The Old, Awaken The Now

The mighty, expansive breath is our greatest gift of transformation. When we allow ourselves to move fully into the breath, it shifts our conscious reality from the Ego brain (thinker/planner/doer) , to a much deeper soul/energetic experience of being in our bodies (energy/emotion/expansion). Using the breath we enter "altered" consciousness. In this space we connect to our inner healer, the aspect of our soul which knows intuitively how to find balance and peace. When we use the powerful breath in connection with sound vibration (ie: loud music designed to move you energetically through the body) the full-self is activated and awakened.

What Does It Look Like?

Group breathworks are about 3.5 hrs. We call them "retreats" because we want to encourage you to think of them not as a workshop, or a class, but as an opportunity to step outside your normal life and have a profound experience. The group sessions start with an opening circle where each person has a chance to check in, and we give you an idea of what you might expect during your "journey". We discuss how to do the "breathwork breath" and why it works so well in getting you to a VERY altered consciousness.

The actual breathwork journey is about an hour, where each person has their own space to move, dance, laugh, cry... whatever comes up. We encourage each person to stay blindfolded throughout the journey, so that they can keep their process internal.
When the journey is complete, the group is given some time to create a piece of artwork to express their experience. We then circle up for our closing processing time where each person is given the opportunity to talk about what they experienced.

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Transformational Breathwork Evening Retreat

Buka Yoga | Castle Rock Yoga Studio | Castle Rock Cycle Classes

Transformational Breathwork Evening Retreat

Buka Yoga | Castle Rock Yoga Studio | Castle Rock Cycle Classes


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